Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Art of Gift Wrapping

After all the gifts are found and purchased, there is a great relief.  Quickly followed by the overwhelming chore of wrapping them.  For someone as artsy and crafty as me, you would think this would be way fun.  But honestly, it's not.  I buy the cutest paper and ribbon and have all the supplies at hand.  I put on my comfortable house shoes and stand at my kitchen island.  The music is playing and there's a warm cup of coffee nearby.

In my dreams...

My reality...

The place ends up a wreck after one package....the scissors get lost every 5 seconds....the tape runs out...I can't for the life of me get the thought out of my head that all that cute ribbon will be going straight to the trashbag on Christmas morning so why bother...the music playing is suddenly The
Chipmunks...throwing me in a bad mood...the coffee is cold and I break out in a sweat.  I start wrapping things with a vengence and use rolls of tape where I tear the paper around sharp corners.  Throw a sticker in the middle over the ink where I tried to do a "Martha Stewart" stamp but of course, the ink smeared. 


The packages are wrapped.

Pretend they are pretty.

Know they are not.


  1. I used to spend so much time wrapping and decorating. I had energy then. As I get older I get more practical and boring! Did I hear someone say giftbags! I say it's being with those your love and having fun. Who cares what the package looks like? Have a wonderful Christmas with your family Julia.

  2. I'm the same..... always think maybe I'll wrap pretty packages this year ........ nope.... it will be wasted on "them". Mine look like yours.