Monday, December 5, 2011

Vino Artino

I don't know about your area, but these art/wine places are popping up all over this town.  It's an art studio for birthday parties and company parties but also for a Girl's Night Out.  You can bring in your own wine and appetizers and they provide the glasses, plates and napkins.  Then for a fee, the canvas and paint are provided and the whole thing is set up and ready to go when you get there. 

So a few of the Book Club girls decided to meet up one night for just that.  It was challenging.  But not because we were drinking and painting.  Because I kept trying to dip my brush in the wine glass instead of the water glass. 

When our friend called to reserve space for our party of 6, she had to pick a subject to paint.  With little to choose from, she chose the wine bottles.  Our instructor was an art teacher at a junior high by day and at this studio by night.  She took us step by baby step.  There were breaks now and then to refill our plates and glasses.  And soon our paintings were complete. 

Guess what you're getting for Christmas?

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