Thursday, December 15, 2011


Ten more days until Christmas Day.  I am in retail for the first time since I was 19 and it's crazy being on the other side of the counter this time of year.  I have been shopping for my own family on my days off.  My brain is foggy...trying to remember who I've forgotten to buy what for.  I've been to several parties and been eating dessert and party food topped off with adult beverages.  I'm already thinking about that diet I will begin and those walks I will take beginning in January.

One daughter is married and living in Arizona and won't be home for Christmas.

One daughter is in a rotation with her company and her schedule has her on a huge ship in the Gulf of Mexico for the next 3 weeks....yep...that encompasses Christmas and New Year's. 

So when Will called home last night and we started discussing Christmas he realized he would be home alone with us.

Will:  Wait!  I'm going to be the only one home?

Me:  Yep.

Will: an only child?

Me:  Yep.

Will:  That's not gonna be fun.

Me:  Well, I know.  But I have no control over this one.

Will:  ugh.

Me:  Look, you can get up and open your presents and then go hang out with your friends.

Will:  I guess I can go to P's house.  She's an only child, too.

Me:  Will, you are adult now.  You know Christmas isn't as fun when you aren't a kid.

And while this conversation left me a little sad, on top of being tired, I woke up and saw this on someone's fb wall.  And suddenly, my perspective is all in place.

Christmas is a day to celebrate God's gift to all of us.  Whether you are with one or all of your family.....and whether you get one or a jillion gifts...or have little or a lot of money....or have little or a lot to eat......this whole season is only stressful because of perspective.


Sorry if this picture hits you hard.  It hits hard for me, too.


  1. Amazing! I miss you terribly and I love to read your blog. Have a Merry Christmas with Chuck and Will and the dogs.

  2. I really needed to hear(or read) that. Thank you for the reality check!

  3. We were blessed to have four generations celebrate Christmas in our home the last four days. Our daughters and their families will be with their in-laws on Christmas Day and our extended families live in different states. I was sad when they all left but am trying to focus on the fact that Christmas should really be celebrated every day. So today is my day after and I am relaxing in my pj's. Merry Christmas to you and your family (wherever they are)!