Monday, June 27, 2011

Will Meets Kelly

Kelly Clarkson held a concert in the Galleria on Saturday for the Grand Opening of the Microsoft Store.  The tickets were free but the first 100 people received a special glittery wrist band which allowed them to attend a Meet and Greet with Kelly after the concert. 

Will, my son and a Kelly Clarkson freak,  and his friend Henry camped out last Wednesday in the Galleria Parking Garage....let me say that again....the Galleria Parking Garage...from 11:00 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. at which point the crowd was allowed inside the Galleria....where there is air conditioning....until the store opened at 10:00 a.m.  He was #52. 

Ask me how I slept that night.  I slept just fine.  He called to tell me they made it there and that he was #49...apparently that number changed but it was still safely inside 0 to 100.  I heard the happy in his voice, turned him over to God and went back to sleep. 

So Saturday gets here and I ask him if he wants me to go to the Galleria and take pictures.  He says yes.  It's not like I needed his permission but after raising 3 kids....I know there are times that I am not welcomed, needed, or wanted.  But I was welcomed, needed and wanted. At least my camera was.

I was told not to blog about this yet....whatever. He's not my boss, I ain't his puppet (a favorite saying at this house).  And I have a little time this morning so I'm doing this.  As I have posted on here earlier, my good friend is very ill...she is still and I have that cloud of sadness hanging over me.  Saturday was a very, very happy day....and it was much needed. 

So lots of pictures later....Kelly Clarkson and her fans.

Will and his friends were in the front of the stage to the left....from Kelly's left.

The professional photographer on the right was taking a crowd shot....
Will leaned his head way you see him?

This is the shot taken above and is now on page.
Crazed fan makes creepy face.

Look at that little girl's face! 

The center of the stage was under the "bridge" of the balcony so there was no way I could get a good picture...but I knew Will would take whatever I got. 

That's Henry's hand she grabbed!

Lots of elders in the crowd.  Everyone loves Kelly. 

This is the skylight above the ice rink...which was ice-less because of the set-up for the concert. 
It was very, very warm up on that balcony. 

Will asked the stage hand for a guitar pick...and he threw him one.

I'm thinking that getting a job on the event team would be way easier than camping in a hot, humid, urine smelling parking garage for almost 9 hours.

Now the pictures from the Meet and Greet. 

Will said he had about a minute or so of talking and then Kelly asked him what kind of pose he wanted to do.  He said a silly pose.

She's a real doll. 

Will's friend Henry...the kind of friend who will camp out with him in a parking garage. 
Henry appears to be as big a fan of Kelly as Will. 

This is Will's friend Shannon.  Along with Will's wristband to attend the Meet and Greet, he received 2 wristbands to enter the secured area for the concert.  He invited Shannon.  Then while waiting in the line for the Meet and Greet, a kind stranger gave Shannon a wrist band to meet Kelly. 

After the concert we went out to eat with Will and Shannon and they replayed the conversations with Kelly for us.  I'm still laughing about Shannon's because she was laughing so hard while telling us.

Kelly: Hi, what's your name?

Shannon:  Shannon.

Kelly:  Hi Shannon!  Cute top..... cute glasses.

Shannon:  YOU'RE cute! (giggle, giggle)

Then Shannon said she immediately felt AWKWARD.....giggle, giggle.  Like why did I say that?  Uh, hope she didn't take that the wrong way.  giggle, giggle.

That one minute of fame.  A lifetime of happy memory.


  1. Very cool blog. Thanks for posting the pics.

  2. thank you for posting the pictures. your son is cute! LOL. glad he got to meet kelly! and you're a cool mom :)