Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Chuck, my father Bill and Chuck's father Billy
On our wedding day...October 22, 1983

How do you know when you marry a guy that he will make a great father?

You look at his father.
And you look at your own father.
And you look at the guy and see if any of the great qualities are there....

And you say well, he does wear very large aviator glasses.

And then you........

Oh, who am I kidding?  I didn't really think about all that when I was falling in love with that guy.  Sure, I was thinking this is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with....or for sure at least we had a 50/50 chance of making it a lifetime together.  And sure, I knew....always knew I wanted kids.

  But we certainly never sat down during that courtship and asked each other how we felt about spankings versus time outs. 

 And if we would take turns with those night time feedings.

 And he never informed me in the dating stage, that the sight or even sound of vomit would make him throw up, too....making it impossible for him to ever be in the vicinity when one of the kids was sick ...or had a poopy diaper. 

And I never asked him on one of those romantic dates if he would bathe the kids while I cleaned the kitchen if and when we had kids.

And we never discussed the fact that if we had 3 kids one day, that the rule would be whoever runs an errand has to take at least one of the kids with them. 

Of course, I knew it wouldn't be me that would help with the Calculus homework one day.  

So how do you know that the guy will make a great father?

I'm going with luck. 

Pure luck.

I hit the jackpot! 

I married a guy who is a great father. 

He has so many of my father's qualities and so many of his own father's qualities. 
And maybe there was a part of me who saw that then and knew he would make a great dad.


But mostly, I'm just very, very lucky.

Happy Father's Day to our Daddys above...
And to the one here with me....thanks for everything you do for me and our children.

Happy Father's Day, Chuck.


  1. What? You didn't have a list you checked off from a magazine for the perfect husband/father? LOL. Dito here about the vomit and poopie diapers, THIS should be on a list!

  2. How many ways can you make me cry in one day!! You are both so blessed and were blessed with wonderful daddies. I hope your kids know how "lucky" they are!!!!

  3. you make me cry . . .so perfectly said. Poetic.

  4. I hope that Daddy knows how lucky he is too;
    to have YOU!