Monday, June 13, 2011

Powerful Addiction

Oliver belongs to Cameron.  She found him as a kitten in a field near her college apartment....probably dumped off way before he was ready to be weaned from his cat mama. Cameron saved him. We all love him but he is Cameron's.  The problem...which really isn't a that he is a hunter, an indoor/outdoor cat that loves the outdoors.  He's lived with us off and on during the last 2 years....but the plan was always for him to live with his mama when she got out of college.

Now that Cameron lives in a loft apartment without so much as an outdoor balcony, I convinced her to leave him with us.  It would be cruel for this cat to be inside an apartment all the time while his mom is at work.  Not to mention the havoc he would wreak on her new furniture.....out of boredom.

So Oliver lives here. And Cameron comes to visit him. Win, win for me.

Lately, Oliver has become addicted.

To cat treats.


As in.... if any one of us heads to the kitchen he darts past us and arrives before us and goes to the pantry door.

It's really hilarious.  The first couple of times.

So I texted Cameron that her cat needed rehab.  She didn't believe me.  Until she came over on Sunday to play with him and saw it for herself.

As Oliver sits by the pantry door and cries out to us, I tell him he can have all the treats he long as he can open the door and find them himself. 

He's having a problem with turning the door knob, but once in, he's just about got it down.

Would it be enabling if I left the pantry door open?

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  1. Yes, it WOULD be enabling! But your life might be easier.