Friday, June 17, 2011

Things That Would Kill My Mother-In-Law

Well.....just one thing...because if she saw this, she would die.

Cat on a kitchen counter. 

This is how I found him....and I went to grab my camera.  He waited for me.

One time, while my mother-in-law was visiting, we put a very muddy puppy in the kitchen sink to wash the mud off.  She went into orbit over that. 

And she screeched, "A dog?  In the kitchen sink?"

To which I replied, "Hello..... Clorox?  Ever heard of it?"
I didn't really say that out loud.

So I'm pretty sure cat butt on counter would send her over to the other side.

And there might have been a time in my life where this would have set me off too...but I've learned to let a lot go.  I shut doors, put up baby gates, buy all kinds of cleaners but how in the heck can one keep a cat off of a counter? 

Especially when there is an empty tuna package in the trash drawer at the end.

Empty tuna package =  Cat Babysitter


  1. Hahaha, The lady we are living with does not like animals very well. I'm sure she isn't really happy we let Cooper lick our plates when we are done;) I think the dishwasher sanitizes them don't you? Cat butt on the counter does make the idea a bit unsettling now you've said it.

  2. I say Christmas card photos!!!!!