Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Yesterday was April Fool's Day.  I sent Chuck a text in the morning telling him that I was flying out with the girls (meaning my kindergarten teacher friends) to Vegas for the weekend.

He sent back, "WHAT?" 

I sent back, "You're okay with that, right?" 

He sent back, "WHAT??

I finally text back, "Gotcha.  April Fool's."

I think I got him.

I used to tell him I thought I was pregnant on April Fool's Day.  But that wouldn't work anymore.

Lots of changes going on in my little world.

One daughter has made the decision to sell their house...which is really a very small townhouse.....and try to rent a real house with a yard for a couple of years....and she's going to get her teaching certification.

The other daughter is graduating in May and coming to Houston to begin her career.  She is in the midst of looking at apartments.  She wants our advice and opinions.  But not really. 

Phone calls coming in and out about those things.

And then there's the changes in my little work world.

The Texas public schools are in a huge financial mess......millions of dollars need to be cut from the budgets.  The first cuts will most likely be the peripheral mine.  Kindergarten paraprofessionals are a necessity according to me.......but not so much according to the uppers.  I haven't been told this for sure.......but it's all the "talk."

I can handle's the control of it that gives me problems.  I like to be at the reigns.

I love my little job (calling it little because of the little paycheck) because of the kids, the hours, the summers off, the frenzy-ness of it.  I cannot imagine sitting behind a desk anymore.  But I may be facing that.

While I may be safe this next year with a "job" most likely won't be the sweet situation I have now.  I love 5 year olds.......and there is never a day I don't want to go to work.  They "feed" me.  So I'm a little down about that. 

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. ~Anatole France

Chuck and I spent our Friday night out in the back corner of our land (ha) and discussed all the changes going on.

(Nearly Wild and Knockout Rose bushes....get some.  They can't be killed.)

If ever I need to clear the voices in my head, this is the place I come to. 
Away from the noise.
Except the noise of Maggie protecting us. 

Maggie's facing her own changes. 

 We placed river rocks against her fence so she couldn't run back and forth in her craziness to protect us from the chihuahua next door....and wreak havoc on all the soil and mulch in her path.
We totally ruined her fun.

  She's a little down, too.

Chuck shared some things going on at his work.
It took a couple of hours and 2 glasses of wine but he finally talked. ha. 

We both talked about all the changes going on.
After much discussion.......or maybe it was much wine........
 we finally came to the conclusion that it would all work out somehow.

Friday Night Lights

If you're in a bad situation,
don't worry it'll change.

  If you're in a good situation,
 don't worry it'll change. 

~John A. Simone, Sr.

Big Friday night around here.


  1. Goodness - hope all the changes work out for the best for Everyone!! p.s. Your 'estate' looks lovely...

  2. I like this quote - everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end... Wish I lived closer.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening! Also, sounds like y'all have a lot more going on than our work situation. Thank Goodness God is in control and has a plan! Love Ya!

  4. 1. Your yard is beautiful.
    2. Your kids are able to secure post college employment. That is awesome. I hope mine are as lucky.
    3. Schools are hurting here too. Everywhere I think. I will hope for the best for you.
    4. Here's my saying about change "I only like change if it's my idea" and then still sometimes not.

  5. Hi, Love your yard! Our dog sleeps just like your cat on the back of the chair:) I totally understand your job situation. It seemed like every year our school system would put the word out that there "might" be Rifs. One year they even sent out a senority list so everyone new where they were in line. One year I made the tough decision to go full time and moved to a job in the main office. I missed being in the classroom and library but got to see so many students and parents that I began to enjoy the job. I hope things work out the way you want them to. Sometimes change is good for us and even brings better things than we had hoped for.

  6. Your flowers, walkway, lighting... look like a magical walk to peaceful sanctity. Just lovely!

  7. I LOVE the oasis you created in your yard.....LOVE the lights. You have inspired me to do something like that!!!!

  8. First time to your blog and What an amazing back yard... Your daughter looks like she is a lucky girl to have this her new home. I have always been told as one door closes another one opens. GOOD LUCK...

  9. WHAT! We will not survive without your stories of the kids. You have to tell "the higher ups" that you have a very large reader base who depend on your stories and your job is NECESSARY! It is for the good of the country. (We live all over the country).
    You are right though change happens and change is good.

  10. It's hard to imagine a problem that could not be solved in that beautiful yard. That is what my yard looks like in my mind. In Paul's mind it looks like a wallet, and, in reality, it pretty much does. I love the way y'all are-that's the best way I can put it. I know "between the lines" but even considering that, y'all really are a blessed and beautiful family.