Monday, April 4, 2011

Get This

Cameron, Chuck and I went to IKEA on Saturday afternoon to browse.  Ten miles later, we were ready to check out.  I mean 10 miles.  That store is huge. 

We made it to the check-out with only 2 items.  A basket and one dozen, oversized, fresh out of the oven, still so warm they were mush, to die for cinnamon rolls.  They were to be Sunday morning breakfast. 

I was breaking into the container in the parking lot. 

ONLY $12.99 ......about 8" from top to bottom and 14" in diameter. 
You should get this.  Before they figure out how low it's priced. 

The cinnamon rolls were only 500 calories a piece. 

The basket is still here.......the cinnamon rolls didn't make it 24 hours. 


While in Atlanta last month, I found a small Wizard of Oz Dorothy folk art piece made by the same artist that made my skinny legged Santa.  Jordan is a W of O fanatic so I knew I had to get this for her.  While paying for it, the owner of the shop told me the artist, Lori Mitchell, had actually grown up in Marietta, GA, near Roswell where we were.  It was a nice little connection.

I finally mailed J's package and she got it I can show you Dorothy now.

Skinny legged Dorothy on the yellow brick road.

 Skinny legged Santa with his list.

Check out Bayberry Cove for Lori's work as well as lots of other great artists.


  1. I love her stuff! Great find! Hey....Aggie Girls play tomorrow night....

  2. How wonderful! I was just going to say Bayberry Cove as I know the wonderful owner and have even worked for her. I love Lori Mitchell and all of the other artists that Bayberry carries. Lucky Jordy!