Sunday, April 3, 2011

B Ball in H Town

Cameron signed a lease on her very first apartment ........ that she will be paying for herself.  After 5 years of college, she's done more than her fair share of moving in and out of dorms, apartments and duplexes.  But this one is the real one.  Her first place as a working girl. 

We went with her on Saturday to watch her sign the lease then went out to eat to celebrate.  She was celebrating her first real place........we were celebrating that we weren't going to be paying for it.


Interior  view......poolside.

Do you think Cameron will mind if I come hang out by the pool?

The manager said they sometimes have local restaurants
 cater parties poolside for their residents.
Is this for real?

When I was a working girl in my first real place....I had to go to
 Happy Hour at a bar to eat from the free buffet....because I had no grocery money.
Apparently I had HH money.

Now they bring the party to you?

Coffee Bar.....when we first arrived there were muffins and bagels.
Right by the exercise room.

I would probably get side tracked by that daily.

Coffee Bar meet Exercise Room.

This is not the apartment style living that I once had.  This is bars, exercise rooms, yoga and pilates lessons on site, a library, full washer and dryers and granite counter tops....and valet trash service outside your door.  All the apartments are entered from interior hallways....much like a hotel. I left there wanting to move in to the place myself. 
Surely I would exercise if all I had to do was walk down the hall. 

Hopefully she will love living here...and not mind that I come to stay with her now and then. 

Driving through the Galleria area we saw lots of fans in town for the Final Four. I now know that the final game tomorrow will be Butler vs Connecticut....because I googled it.

  Who is Butler?

Where is Butler?

  Do you care?

Chuck will be there tomorrow night.......maybe he can tell me who Butler is.


Note:  I moved a chair in to the kitchen eating area. 
  It would be the perfect place to curl up with a book and
 some coffee if I didn't have to cover it up with 2 blankets
and kick multiple animals off of it just to sit down.   

You know what they're thinking?

They're thinking, "Finally, she realized it's all about US."


  1. Silly girl! Butler is in Indy so of course you have to care. Just for me. Both of my girls aspire to go there. I wish them luck with getting scholarships as Momma's not forking out private college tuition.

  2. I'm cheering for Butler...but right now they are losing.... so I came upstairs. Love the that part of town, too! Nothing like my old apartment days either! and... I think your animals have taken control...

  3. What a great apartment! I hope Liz finds a place so nice. Your cat is ....well I can't really say what he/she is but a centerfold shoot comes to mind. If you lived near the Mid-west you would know who Butler is! Hahaha. Poor Texans.

  4. Can I go visit Cameron with you? It sounds almost like being on a cruise ship! I love the way your cat is laying, mine has never done that, but she does make herself look like a flat pancake laying on the cold floor. I like to call her flounder. And yes, I have to clean the cat hair of the top of the back pillow on our love seat a lot! Both our dog and cat do the same as your animals, LOL!

  5. I know!!! The beautiful old textile mill where I had my first shop was sold and turned into 275 apartments and it's very much like that. Except it sits right on the river with fab views but it has a library, coffee bar, huge common dining/kitchen area to host your bigger dinner parties, and a game room with a full size pool table. No swimming pool, though, but it's not Houston where you have to have one but it wouldn't hurt. It just falls under the category of "kids these days...". Good for her!