Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I'm Going to Miss

I've never really been able to keep my mouth shut.  If you tell me something, you better tell me it's a secret and then and only then will I lock it away.  Flush it, actually.  Really.... I mentally "flush" it. 

But unless you've talked to me in the last week, there's something I haven't told you.

I resigned from my job, effective June 2. 


Budget cuts, don't work for the insurance, seemed like the right time, others would get cut, bleeding heart for others, Chuck's support, time for change, control of change, moving on seemed right, feeling restless.  Pick one. 

I just felt a nudge.  There are a lot of changes taking place in public school.....being driven by budget cuts and billion dollar deficits.  My job was safe but the position wasn't.  What I had was coming to an end and it felt like time to exit.

I've always been the "jump into the deep end and hope I can swim" type.  I know things will work out......somehow. 

I quit one job without having another one waiting so that is jumping into the deep end.  Hoping I can swim.  I will find something.  But I know it will never be as sweet and as great as what I had.  These past 7 years have been wonderful.   And I'm going to miss a lot of things.

What I'm going to miss:

  • The kids
  • The teachers
  • The hours
  • The Holiday and Spring breaks...and summers off
  • The frenzy
  • The laughter
  • The hugs
  • The commute ....5 minutes
And this........

Walking through a kindergarten classroom late this afternoon, I heard this....

One boy telling his teacher while pointing to another boy....

Him:  He just said the A word with hole after it.

I kept moving.  That's the beauty of my job....I get to laugh and keep moving

I will miss that kind of stuff the most.

Are you hiring?


  1. Dang, I leave and the place falls apart!!! :) Can't believe that you are leaving!! You are SO good at what you do. You are amazing with the kids and you are going to be greatly missed. I know you can swim, and whoever is lucky enough to hire you will be blessed!!! Maybe when I come back, there will be a spot for me with whoever hires you! Love ya girly!


  2. Julia! Wow! I am so surprised. I know you loved your job and I hope you find something that suits you even more.

    I would love to hire you as my painting and decorating assistant. The job starts Friday. 9am. The pay is lousy but the benefits are awesome. See you then.

  3. Well, one thing for sure, Cy-Fair is missing out on a great para!!!!But, yes, you are a swimmer and it will be fun seeing where you dive!
    Remember you can always come help me decorate my house. I will pay. You are one of the very few given such a gift of creativity. I imagine you will land somewhere that uses your gift in whatever nature. Good luck, Julia. Still want to get together with Sheila and you. Here. there or in between. Blenda


  4. Having been in your shoes I feel a little sad as I read this...but there is LIFE ahead. When we moved 2 and a half years ago I so missed my school and friends - I'd drive the 2 hours about once a month to have lunch with a friend and drop by the school, walking the halls to see who was around. The kids would say hi and I loved being able to leave taking no work home with me. The next year I drove up maybe every 6-8 weeks and enjoyed my visits. Then this year I've only been a few times - just isn't the same - people have moved on. But so have I and in many good ways. You can visit on your terms and enjoy new challenges. Come the new school year you will feel sad and maybe a little lost but know you left on your terms and are enjoying life! Come visit Virginia and let me share our great state with you.

  5. I know this is so hard for you but you have a beautiful heart that God will bless through another window. WE will miss the stories! Change is hard but you'll have the summer to transition. Hookers have the same flexibility in their hours and vacations; the commute would probably be fluid (sorry!). Frenzy, laughter (even if faked) would still be there. I know you could be a full time artist, but just look how profitable it's been for me! I'd say work where you would most want a discount like Hobby Lobby! I'll be thinking and praying for that window to open, just let Him take care of it and He will.

  6. I know!!!!! After completing my monthly visit here, I realized that YOU NEED TO WRITE A BOOK. Read Anne LaMott's books (again?). It's there, just let it bubble up...I just know it...