Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Got Any of Those?

The kindergartners are learning about The Nutcracker in Music this week......the story, the ballet, the particular, The Russian Dance song.  Most of them recognize the song of The Russian Dance from Tom and Jerry, the movie...a classic in their world. ha.  One little girl said she had heard that song before at the butterfly museum.  So after much discussion, it was time to hand out the instruments so they could play along with the song.

But first, the music teacher asked if anyone had any ideas about what instruments would be good for this song....instruments that we had in the room (the answer she's looking for:  rhythm sticks, cymbals, tambourines). 


"No, it has to be an instrument in this room."


"No, it has to be in this room."

Then one kid asked, "You got any of those muchachas?"

"Yes. We have maracas."

(Music teacher looks at me, I giggle back at her...she doesn't skip a beat.)

Love. It.  I mean I really do.  But I also love the fact that tomorrow is the last day before a much anticipated Christmas Break.  I'm ready for my college kids to be around.  I'm ready to sleep in some...and stay up late. 

There's a frenzy in the air.  I'm ready for some calm.

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  1. cute! And...I remember the days when the kids would come home from college! I would stay up late with them and my husband would go to bed cause he still had to go to work! Those were fun times! But they are coming on Christmas Eve and we do stay up late playing Monopoly after going to church! And we can drink wine together .... even better!