Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deck the Halls.....2010

It has taken me over 2 weeks to get the halls decked.  The week of Thanksgiving, the boxes came down from the attic.  The tree was set up in the dining room but not decorated.
 And then.......

I decided to rearrange furniture and move the the entry way. 
Most of this was done one hour an evening after work....for several evenings in a row.
The daily mantra in my head has been "Just Do It."

I did it.  It's done.  It's decked.


I made this wreath about 3 years ago. 
Each year, I fluff and puff it and add more hot glue here and there. 

This Welcome basket was my first purchase at this year's Nutcracker Market. 
The greenery is from Hobby Lobby.
See the tree in the mirror?

The ribbon in the tree was also from the Nutcracker Market.
  Chuck and I put it on one evening......when apparently we were very tired.
We ran out before we got to the bottom and said, "oh, well."
Once the lights are on ....and it's dark thirty, know one will know.

The buffet that has been on the stairway wall is now in the dining room.
  I moved that by myself with all the china in it. 
 And I wonder why my back hurts.
I used those little "movers"....the disk that you place under legs. 
It really makes moving heavy things easy.
It's getting them under the legs that'll get you.

By the way, the color on my dining room wall is
 really not this bright...but it doesn't photograph well. 
Sherwin Williams "Antiquity"'s more muddy than it looks in pictures.

Tore the covers on some old books and wrapped a velvet ribbon around them.
Chuck doesn't get it....but he rolled with it.

Assorted spheres.

The iron birdcage was a birthday gift from my friend Amy. 
It's perfect with the glass cloches.
That little Santa on the left is from Chuck's childhood. 
 His mother gave it to me early in our marriage
and it's been my favorite.  It stays out all year....keeping an eye out.

I was passing the cards in Target the other day...
and a cute Santa one caught my eye.
I stopped to read it.

On the front was Santa saying "Don't worry."
Inside:  Nothing is considered "naughty" anymore.

Isn't that the dang truth?

 I found these baby boots in a resale shop years ago. 
They were for a Santa doll I made in one of Frank Bielic's classes.
 But now the doll is in a box and is bootless
 and these make me happy under the cloche. 

They remind me of how small Santa
can make himself to get down that chimney. 

The first Christmas card we got this year was from Jordan and Chris. 
I love it!  I love that she did it.....and sent them out in her busiest season as an
event planner.  She's a grown up now....still wrapping my brain
around that one.

Hope nobody wants to play Scrabble.  I have taken over the letters. 

I stopped in a candle store to look for a big red candle and
ended up buying some votives because they were on sale. 
 The cute young salesgirl told me the tall votives are "in." 

 Pass it on.

This tray has my name all over it.  I found it at Coldwater Creek, of all places!
I bought two in the store but they are also available online. 
Two?  Yep....someone is getting the other one.
I can't tell you who. 

When you live in Texas, snowmen only exists
 in ornaments and decorative items.

Will....Sadie's looking for you.  See her in the window?

I scattered some Santas.
I checked that list Toothpick Legs Santa is holding....your name's on there.

The stockings are hung from the shutter with care....
in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be there. 

I decided to pass on decorating the mantel so I hung the stockings on this shutter.
Jordan, you may notice your stocking isn't up there. 
But since I didn't have one for Chris, I left yours in the box. 
Felt kind of sad. 

Maybe I better get one for Chris....and get yours out.


Here's the Silver Bella book....the one that got published in Somerset Holiday.

Which days exactly are The Twelve Days of Christmas?

I painted that paper mache Santa on the right years ago.
  I found it at Hobby Lobby and I couldn't decide if he was an elf, a gnome,
one of Snowhite's dwarfs, or a Santa. 
 I went with Santa....but he is rather gnomish.

New Christmas coasters from my good friend Amy....whose mother made these. 
 Amy is one of the kindergarten teachers I work with and she drew my name for my birthday. 
 I got these and some black and white ones, for everyday... along with lots more goodies,
 including that iron bird cage in the dining room. 

Thanks Amy and Lenora.

Santa came early to Chuck.
He got a recliner for his Christmas and Birthday (Dec. 27). 
We're hoping this cures the crick in his neck....
from falling asleep with his head slung to the side
 every night in this other chair that does not recline.

He'll be able to take his Couch Potato-ing to the next level now.

 This is the chair that doesn't recline that makes Chuck's head hang to the side
when he fall asleep that makes his neck ache the next day. 

But the chair that doesn't recline is perfect for Oliver. 
Have you ever?

Dixie is checking out the ornaments. 
She's thinking they're pretty tennis balls. 

I really do love this season. 
 Once the halls are decked and that chore is behind me.
But it's not as much fun as it used to be.

I miss my kids being little.


  1. Your house looks so pretty and I always love when you post pics of it. I love that your house is fun and whimsical with traditional thrown in. I totally vote that you get your son-in-law a stocking b/c that is part of the fun in your family growing. My parents had to extend their mantel b/c our family has grown so much! Thanks for the tour :)

  2. Thanks for sharing - now I want to come over and see it all. Love the lil kids picture, how precious. Wiki says 12 days starts Charistmas Day!

  3. I love your house pictures, too! You are ahead of me. Why is it so hard to put this stuff out? Am I getting old? Anyway...your stuff looks great. I'm still using the same front door wreath I made over 10 years ago. BUT...I bought LED battery lights for it this year!

  4. It's beautiful and I can see that it was a lot of work. Our decorating took about 2 hours total and that includes the tree this year. There is something to having such a small place to decorate!

  5. Wowee - those are some very pretty halls - decorated or not!! Love the decor - kind of MacKenzie-Childs-ish!!

    P.S. wherever did you find the skinny potted tree on the mantel with the darling sweater ornaments??? Love it. And that wreath on the door is pretty spectacular too!


    Love it.

  6. 1. I like the tree there..why haven't we done this before?
    2. Sadie is my dog. Mine. Remember this. Will can get his own pet when he grows up. I don't have to "give him one" just because I have two.
    3. I like the tree glows.
    4. My cat is awesome.
    5. Your second kid misses being little too.. before I knew about insurance and 401k's and wills and mortgages and car payments.

  7. Your house looks AMAZING! Remember, if I ever come into money,,,you will be decorating my house!


  8. nice to see MY stocking NOT hung up. wow... people come and go so quickly these days. (name that movie.)

  9. The Wizard of Oz. Took me 20 seconds. Beautiful, stunning, fabulous!!!! Not to downgrade anything but, OMG, the carpet on the stairs? Did I see that before or is that new? Makes me wish I'd seen it before we had the rest of the house done in all wood. Love wood but so do the dust bunnies. I must remember to check in early next year to get inspired; my decorating was so lame this year, pretty but lame. I tried calling it "simply tasteful"-baugh!