Saturday, December 11, 2010

Every Party Needs a Pooper

Last night was the annual Christmas party for Chuck's company.  It's always been on a Monday or Tuesday evening,  but this year it was moved to a Friday.  I was looking forward to it, knowing that we could stay out later and sleep in on Saturday.  The food was wonderful as always but Friday night being a "school night"....well, let's just say the dance floor didn't call our name.  We had a very nice time, but were party poopers by 10:00 p.m.  If that doesn't say elderly, I don't know what does. ha. 

We asked Will to take a picture....since we were dressed up at the same time. 

Will insisted on using no flash...which makes for better color,
 but on my camera makes for blurry.


Talking....sorry....try again.
Me to Will, "How 'bout a 1, 2, 3?"

Chuck, "That's enough, we've gotta go." 

The elderly after they took an hour to get ready but before they drove 45 minutes to a party, stayed 2 hours, then drove 45 minutes back, arrived home and fell fast asleep. 

It's just as well we didn't make it a late night because I had a baby shower to go to this morning.  

The baby shower was held in honor of a young woman I worked with in kindergarten a few years back.  When I worked with Erynn, she was a single mother.......and since has married a wonderful guy and is now pregnant with her second.   She just finished her student teaching and will take a year off before looking for a full time teaching job.  

When we were working together, her grandfather, Rudy, had passed away and left her some trust money with the stipulation that it had to be used for her college education.  I know Rudy would be so proud of her accomplishment.  So today wasn't just about celebrating this new baby on the way...who by the way will be Rudy Reid...but also celebrating Erynn finishing school.

We had brunch with mimosas...

played some baby shower games...

oohed and ahhed over incredibly cute baby gifts...

ate the delicious and beautiful cake made by Erynn's sister Ashley...

and admired Erynn's waistline. 

That pretty lady in the background is the mother-in-law.....soon to be grandmother. 
She is just a little beyond excited. 
I begged Erynn to call me to babysit but I don't think I stand a chance
 between the grandmother and Aunt Ashley!

When I worked with Erynn, she asked me if I could make a pillow out of her grandfather's shirt.
  This is the pillow. 
Rudy loved these girls and they loved him. 
I just couldn't quit thinking about how proud he would be of these girls today.

After the shower, I did a little Christmas shopping. 
I headed to one of my favorite places in the Tomball area.....
a little north of where I live.  If you live anywhere near Houston,
 this place is worth the drive. 
It's Laurie's Antiques and Interiors on FM 2920 west of I45.
  This corner caught my eye, so I pulled out the camera.....

And you are the reader of my words.

Thank you.

On my way home, there was a live nativity on the corner of a busy intersection. 
 I took the picture while sitting at the red light. 

 After a busy day, this was a nice reminder.
Calm down.  Breathe slowly.
This is all that is important.


  1. Wonderful post, Julia! You and Chuck looked great! I'm totally feelin ya on the home at 10pm!!! Loved the ending of your blog today. You always have a way of bringing everything home! Love reading your blogs,,,,they always make me smile!


  2. Great post....ain't it the's always 45 minutes to the party for us, too! I printed the map for Laurie's Antiques! I'm going! (next year)

  3. Oh my, you and getting photos taken. I don't think I'll ever forget the passport post. Bahahaha! I was really afraid we were going to hear a story about being "sick" at a party.

  4. The 2nd picture of you and Chuck (the one with you standing) is super!
    You need to get that one printed and framed! Carol G.

  5. Y'all do look so beautiful. The party was totally worth getting the pics!