Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Heart My Dog

Merry Christmas! 

This house does pajamas and cologne for Christmas gifts...and I received pajamas that were black and white and red flannel...with the words "I love my dog" all over them.  The tag read "For Mama From Maggie, Dixie and Sadie."  I have no idea how those 3 dogs got out of the yard and to the mall.  Or where they got the money.  But I love what they picked out!

I took a few pictures this morning while the grown children were slowly opening what little stash they had.  Very few pictures were without a dog in them. 

 Sweet old Dixie....always looking for a tennis ball. 
She was actually whining for one that she knows is under my
chair but she can't get to it...
I had just told her to "hush up!"....
so she is pouting.

 Sadie is obsessed with Will.  And he allows it.

 These two had just hugged and I asked them
 to hug again so I could take their picture. 
This was more like a tackle. 

Dixie was totally into watching the gift opening.

 Sadie is balancing on the arm cushion. 
 She must have thought there was bacon
in that box...
because she was taking a huge risk up there. 

 Chris and Jordan and Mia.  Merry Christmas via Skype. 
Dog in the picture? Check. 

 My brother-in-law cat napping last night after the big meal and
church service with the cat-dog Oliver. 

Very much like that long ago stable...we were surrounded by animals.

It's turned cold here in Houston.....thank goodness
 my sweet dogs got me some new flannel pajamas.


  1. I saw those pajamas..I know where they got them. I thought about getting them for myself, but since my dog died in January...I thought it might be a downer for everyone.

  2. What? No pictures of your new jammies? That's not fair with a teaser like that! I'm glad you had a lovely day. And thank goodness for skype! I couldn't survive Jim's trips to Germany without it!

  3. I agree with Jen. Where are the photos of you in your PJ's?
    Never mind, I wouldn't post my PJ's either. Skype? Got to love it!

  4. I guess if the Geico gecko can hold a wallet and cell phone on him then the dogs could surely...