Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party Day Survived!

Yesterday was the last day of school before a 17 day holiday break.
 Let's say that again....17 DAYS! 

 We are on a break until returning on January 5, 2011. But first,
 we had to survive the last school day....
the Christmas Party Day...
the day where the energy is at an all time high
and yet there is still work to be done (hahaha).  

One boy asked me earlier in the day if he was being good. 
 I said he sure was. 
 He said, "I'm really trying, but it's hard
 'cause I'm just so excited about the party...
and I don't want to mess up." 
 I can certainly understand how he feels.....
because it's extremely hard for this one boy
to keep it together for longer than a minute. 
 And to think he had to keep it together
 until 2:00 pm...when the party started. 

Lest you think, any child would be denied
 going to the party, let me assure you
I have never known one to be kept away. 
But it's an awesome little threat for the day! 
 You would understand if you were around 170 plus,
5 year olds who were hanging from the rafters
 (figuratively speaking, of course.) 

The party was had, the rooms were crowded with
almost as many parents as children,
the gingerbread cookies were iced and decorated,
 the games were played, and a story was read.
  See you in 17 wonderful, glorious, pajama clad days!

For those of you who aren't lucky enough
 to hang with 5 year olds, I took a few pictures of their shoes
 and their little hands for you to study.

 This one is standing at the door with me,
to grab some fresh air. 
I love how hard these shoes have been played in.



Houston, Texas, Winter Footwear.

 Flip flops, cowgirl boots, or Puma athletic shoes.  As individual as the kid.

 Red glittery shoes are always party appropriate.

 I love the girl that belongs to the colorful barrettes you see here.

 I rarely make it through the day without twirling one of the ringlets
on this precious child.  She belongs to the
cheetah trimmed pants above. 
Sometimes, when I walk by her, she blurts out, "I love you."
That's a bonus in this industry. 

 Taking this decorating thing seriously.
This gingerbread cookie is looking a lot like Pinocchio....check out the nose.

By now, these kindergartners are very knowledgeable on the subject
of gingerbread men.  They have cut them out of paper, baked the real deal,
had to find the real deal when it ran away, read about them,
 wrote about them, learned a poem about them and now
....finally got to decorate one all by themselves.

I love those little feet and hands.  But we all need a break. 
 To process, to grow, to rest, to reboot, to play,
 to sleep in, to celebrate this season.

Pardon me while I scream at the top of my lungs.....


This is my good friend and co-worker, Debbie, with me at morning car duty. 
We are beginning the countdown until 3:45 pm.

Now if you'll pardon me....I need to take my break.

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  1. Oh my, they are all so cute but could I have the hair and outfit of miss long curly girl? You make me want to go out and become a kindergarden teacher! I know it's work and you share mostly just the good stuff here but still I can hear it in your heart how much you love it.