Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Birds With One Stone

Chuck and I just spent 3 days in Scottsdale, Arizona...
killing two birds with one stone...
 as the saying goes. 

We bid on "a 2 night stay at a hotel in Old Town Scottsdale" in a silent auction last year and actually had the winning bid.  We rarely bid at silent auctions and if we do, we never win because our limit is usually surpassed quickly. But we won this 2 night stay and
 it had to be used by the end of November, 2010. 
 That little vacation was the first bird.

The second bird was spending time with Jordan and her new husband Chris...who live in a very fun place to visit.  I decided not to take my better camera because it is so heavy and going through security, I just took my small camera.  Of course, I didn't charge the battery so it was acting up and finally died on Saturday afternoon.  But I managed a few pictures before this.

 Watched "Grownups" on the flight there.  Glad it was free
(well, sort of, if you consider I was already on the plane).  It made the 3 hour flight go by
but I would have been mad if I had gone to the theater for this one.

Jordan picked us up from the airport on Friday morning and our first stop was Arcadia Farms for lunch. This is the cute place where her Bridal Luncheon was held....just a little over 7 months ago.

 They were setting up for a luncheon, but we snuck a peak. 

Check out those pumpkins.  They had been stenciled with metallic gold paint. 
 Surely you can throw some of those on your buffet for Thanksgiving.   
It will have to go on my list for next year.

We spent the afternoon riding around, shopping,
going to see their condo and visiting our granddog, Mia,
then checking in to our hotel.

 Chris and Jordan picked us up a couple of hours later and we headed out for dinner at Blanco's. "Mexican food" in Texas is so different from Arizona's variety. I love Arizona/Mexican food....they use different cheeses and sauces and it is all very fresh.

As if the delicious food isn't enough appeal....check out the surroundings.
Camera's feeling ill at this's not your eyesight.

I love this ceiling and the light fixtures. 

After dinner, we went back to J & C's condo to pick up our granddog, Mia,
 and take her to the Dog Park.

So fun.

 Mia is very timid and spent a lot of time hiding under my legs or some stranger's legs.
 But she made some friends and got some exercise.

 Racing her shadow.

Saturday morning was breakfast at Royal Palms......the resort where Jordan and Chris were married. Chuck really wanted to revisit the place and we decided breakfast would be a good time to do that. This place is so beautiful and calming. Water fountains and beautiful, lush greenery everywhere. We ate our breakfast outside on the patio, then walked around the place before leaving.

 Waiting for our ride.  Chuck's wearing my reading glasses. 
Get your own, old man.

The entrance of Royal Palms Resort.



Setting up for an evening wedding for 200. 

Walking towards the outdoor chapel where they were married on 3-19-10.

 A year ago.......newly engaged and checking out this location for their wedding.

 Standing at the alter.

Seven months ago, they kissed. 
 This day they shook hands. 
 I will not read anything in to this.
  I will not read anything in to this. 
I will not read anything in to this.

After breakfast and some store hopping and shopping, Chris drove us up a mountain so we could see the "valley" is so much prettier than this picture. The camera was in cardiac arrest at this point.

The valley.


And the camera battery finally died...
which really makes me mad because it was Halloween weekend and I missed some great shots.
Old Town Scottsdale does Halloween big....and a lot of the partiers were staying at our hotel.

Jordan and Chris are both involved in Young Life and had a banquet to attend on Saturday evening, so Chuck and I walked around Old Town and out of shops and up and down the streets then later ate at a restaurant called Yard House.  We actually could have walked there from our hotel, but were lazy and took a Rick know the bike rider who pulls the cart behind him?  Yeah, one of those.  Our bike/driver told us his name was Rick Shaw.  Good one, huh?

I felt so bad for Rick Shaw pulling our weight. 
but he said he has been doing this for 6 years, 7 days a week.
  Surely he's had heavier loads. 
We gave him a big alleviate my guilt. 

Sunday morning we went to J & C's church...Sun Valley Community Church (love),
 then ate at Oregano's with Chris' mother,
brother, sister-in-law and their 2 cute and well behaved kids
 before heading back to Houston.

 This is Jordan's busy season with The Fiesta Bowl Organization, so I suspect she is worn out because she didn't really get a restful weekend.  We appreciate our very own event planner, Jordan and her new husband for entertaining us and letting us spend some much needed time with them.

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