Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day

Occasionally the kindergarteners have to be taught things besides reading and writing and counting to 100.  Sometimes the teachers are required to teach them about things like Veteran's Day.  Most things can be brought down to a kindergartener's level of understanding, but this one is hard. 

Today, one of the teachers had just read a book to the class of 5 year olds about veterans and how we celebrate and honor them on Veteran's Day.  She said the whole class was really listening to the book.  She went on to talk to them about freedom and what the soldiers do to protect us.

One little boy raised his hand.  When she called on him, he said, "We are really lucky to be Americans."

Yes, she certainly agreed.  At this point she was starting to tear was really a moment and the kids seemed to be making a real connection. Then another boy raised his hand.

Teacher:  Yes?

Him:  When are we going to our second work station?

Well....goodness, they are only 5 years old.  But they've been making flags and they're going to wear red, white and blue tomorrow because our school does Veteran's Day up big. 


There will be a program in the morning with our 5th grade choir performing to a group of 67 veterans....each a relative of at least one of our students.  The kindergarteners will line the halls and wave their flags as the soldiers leave the cafeteria after the program and head to the library for a reception honoring them.

I think those kindergarteners will get it tomorrow.  I think they will see those veterans...some in their perfectly starched uniforms....and they will know these veterans are important...and special.  And if they get that, it will be enough.

I think it's hard to really comprehend what a soldier sacrifices for us. Not to mention his families' sacrifices.  But rarely a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky we are to be free.....and how lucky I am to be an American.  Our worst day here is so much better than a moment in Iraq.  And for that I am every soldier now and every soldier who came before them.

To my father and Chuck's father, our uncles, my father's cousin......the veterans in my family....I hope you feel the love up there tomorrow.

Thank you doesn't really cover it.

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