Saturday, October 23, 2010

Twenty Seven

One of us is thinking, "I hope this works out."

1983 called...they want the fake flowers back.

Yesterday, October 22, was our 27th wedding anniversary. 
It fell on a weekday...a work day...a Friday...
the end of a long week.  Chuck had been out of town all week
and I was with 5 year olds all week. 
To say we were a little tired by Friday
 is an extreme understatement. 

So the big day was celebrated with a quick dinner out to a local Mexican restaurant....a margarita and some shared nachos. 
It doesn't get much more romantic than this. 

We laughed at the fact that the second we got home, we both put on our Old Navy pajama pants and some old t-shirt from somewhere, sometime ago.  Our sleep wear is about as far from WOW
as one can get.  Then we settled in to our normal positions to watch a little t.v.  His is the chair and mine is the edge of the sofa.  Within 30 minutes, he was nodding off and I headed to bed to read.

Romantic?  No.  

Exciting?  Uh, no.


Committed?  Yes. 

Safe place?  Yes.

Loved?  Yes.

Hung in there through the ups and downs?  YES.

(And people, there are ups and DOWNS.)

Happy 27th Anniversary to us.
  We've stuck together and together we did this........

We went through the pregnancies and births of 3 babies and the sleepless nights with bottles and the backpacks and homework years and sleepless nights when the tooth fairy had to do her the teen years of young drivers, sleepless nights and stair stomping the college years...letting them go and watching them become the adults they were meant to be all along.

  We did this.

We birthed and raised 3 great people. 

And this...

We gave our daughter away to a wonderful guy
 at a beautiful wedding ceremony.


... we said we gave her away....
but really we're keeping her and our "new" son.

Photograph by Caroline Fontenot

And this is why we're tired.

And this is worth celebrating.
And this is the new "romantic."


  1. A belated happy anniversary from your matron of honor ... I did think about you several times yesterday ... hope you felt the love vibes somehow, someway. Congratulations ... 27 years is a long time (been there, still doing that).

  2. Happy Anniversary! It gets even better!

  3. What a beautiful post! Happy Happy Anniversary! And that picture of you two lovebirds at the end - perfection! xo

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you've done a great job. Oh, we had fake flowers in 79 also.

  5. Hanky, please. It looks like it's workin for ya. I'm so proud of you two!!! With love, Stephanie

  6. congrats. and thanks for giving me away to do my own 27 years. that sound like eternity... ha.

  7. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Yes, We are the new Romantic. I love our comfy life. I'm right there with you. You read my recent post. Sorry to make you cry but committment doesn't get any better than this!

  8. You were a beautiful bride & are still a beautiful woman. Chuck is a lucky man & those 3 beautiful kids are blessed by you. Doing good!!! Did I use beautiful enough?? U R

  9. Amen to that sister! It's a beautiful life you are living. Even if it is in tshirts and jammie pants.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE reading your post. You are an amazing person!!