Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Will

The third child is born in to a family of noise and chaos and
more than just 2 parents loving it. 

 There are two siblings who can't keep their hands off the new baby
and want to help with the feedings and the loving.

  This child never had his parents to himself but he had something much more valuable.

  He had experienced parents and lots more "in your face" loving
by those two kids that came before him.

Yes, they opened all his presents at his first birthday party....
but they also helped him play with those toys and read the books to him. 

And while he was too little to stop them,
his sisters had fun dressing him in ballerina tutus...
and they learned to "mother" with a real, live baby.

And while his mother and father
 thought that two was more than they could really handle
and certainly all they could afford,
God had another plan.

This child was always in God's plan.

 And this child will never really know how life-changing
 in a wonderful, great way he was to his parents. 

Especially to his mother. 
 Who knew he was a direct gift from God. 

And because of this wonderful gift,
 his mother really began to let go of control
 and enjoy this life for all it's worth.

  Even she couldn't have planned it better.

Happy Birthday William Ross...
you are loved. 


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Will! Got me a little teary eyed. sniff sniff. Love the photo of him. He was a beautiful baby. I know how you feel, I was only going to have two kids too. (wow, I just used all my to, too, two's) Like you, God knew what he was doing when he sent us baby #3. I can not even imagine life with out baby #3. Great blog, Julia.


  2. Tissue, please. Only a mother's love...