Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

Are the banks closed or open?  Will there be garbage pick-up or not?  What kind of holiday is this?

You would think that the discovery of our country would be a mighty big deal.  But myth or history, this holiday is not really celebrated like it used to be.  I remember talking about it a whole lot when I was in elementary school. Poems, songs and studying the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.  Now it just seems to be one of those holidays that has more or less been forgotten.

The school district I work for always has their Parent/Teacher conferences on this Monday in October.   I took a personal day since students would not be in school...and the teachers I assist would be in conferences all day.  

I had no plans for the day but to sleep in.  Here's a little run down of a day off in my world....

Good news:  I didn't set my alarm to wake up.  Yum.

Bad news:  My bladder woke me up within 30 minutes of my regular alarm time.

Good news:  I called to see if I could get in today to get a mammogram (just routine, but it's been on my list since this summer)....and they could fit me in at 2:30.

Bad news:  Having to hold my breath while my stuff is being squeezed between 2 pieces of gigantic metal trays.

Good news:  They were offering FREE Bone Density Scanning this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month for women over 50.

Bad news:  I'm over 50. (Sort of bad news...I am really thankful to be alive so I'll take over 50)

Good news:  The x-ray technician was very gentle and kind. So I felt like I could ask her how everything looked.

Bad news:  She was tight-lipped.  She said something about it being against the law to say anything. 

Good news:  I will never be an x-ray technician.

Bad news:  I think we all know I can't keep my mouth closed.

Good news:  I stopped at Hobby Lobby on my way home.  I felt like a bird out of a cage.

Bad news:  Upon getting in my car to leave, my door swung open with the wind and hit the car next to me.  Of course, I heard it, I felt it and  I felt bad....but what could I do.  I started the ignition and looked in my rearview mirror.  There was a lady leaning down and looking at the door of her car...who I didn't know was in her car....and had gotten out and was checking out her door.   

Good news:  I rolled down my window and asked if I got her door?  (Acted dumb) She kept rubbing her door and looking at it closely.  I kept saying I was sorry.....that the wind got it.....and I have the rubber rim on my door and my husband says that helps (where'd that come from? My talent...word vomit)....I'm so sorry.  She finally said "it seems okay."  whew.  What are the odds the person would be in their car?

Bad news:  I was busted. 

Good news:  I cleaned out my closet this morning.

Bad news:  Now I have to deal with all the clothes I've decided are out of here.  Donate, throw away, garage sale? 

Good news:  We bought a brisket from a friend's daughter's fund supper is cooked.

Bad news:  My day off is coming to an end.

Happy Columbus Day.......just think, if Columbus hadn't discovered this place....where would we be?


  1. LOL Love your day. I wonder if Columbus hadn't discovered it, if someone else would have found it eventually? We'll never know.

  2. Columbus doesn't deserve his own holiday..he only accidentally found it when he was looking for a faster route to India, and thought it was India, and proceeded to bring diseases, death, famine, and horrible endings to the Native Americans (our other ancestors) who already lived here. He's a cheater.

    If I go out today and rob someone, and take everything they're worth, then raise my flag over their house, can I have a holiday too? :)

    Maybe I'm just bitter because my University never gives us this "holiday" off :(