Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pink Can

Chuck was in Chicago for a couple of days for a meeting.  He was able to get on an earlier flight home, but his bag didn't make it.  So the airlines found it and by the time he was walking in the door last night, they called and said it would be FedExed this morning. 

The only problem was his toiletries.  His toothbrush, deodorant and electric razor were in that bag.
No problem.  He could use my deodorant for one day and he had a razor.  So he said he would just go to the store and get a new toothbrush. 

Before he goes,  he comes in to the kitchen and asks.........

Him:  You know that pink can in the shower?

Me:  You mean my shaving cream?

Him:  Yeah.  Do you think it would work on my face?

Me:  (Thinking......did he really just ask this?  Does he really think the Pink Can knows it's on a man's face instead of my legs? Doesn't he have a college degree?)  Yeah.

And being Chuck, the only thing he bought was a toothbrush.

Girls, if my suitcase didn't make it home, I would be buying all new makeup, and throwing in some new shampoo and conditioner and a new razor and maybe some new finger nail polish. And plead I needed new panties and bras and shoes. And then some.  I would milk that situation for all I could. 

But he's Chuck. 

By the way, his suitcase was on the front porch this morning by 6:00 am.  He didn't realize it yet and used the Pink Can stuff.  I feel certain the Pink Can stuff couldn't tell a difference between his whiskers and mine.  Sadly.


  1. Dang..6am? They're efficient.. I guess that may have something to do with him being a loyal customer or something..

    I definitely got your no-self-control-when-shopping gene. I went the store yesterday to get conditioner, because I'd run out. I made the mistake of going to target. 45 dollars later (I was trying to be "good") I had brand new powder/foundation, Neutrogena MoistureShine lip gloss (which is amazzzing and not sticky!), awesome new Revlon eyeshadow, and a mud mask facial kit to relieve stress.. yep, no conditioner. Oops.

  2. Oh my, this made me LAUGH!! I'm tellin ya, Julia, you could write a book!


  3. Same thing when (remember way back when?) I got off the plane in Switzerland to stay with Cindy. I totally milked it; new shoes, jeans, tops. It did take a couple of days to get it.