Saturday, October 16, 2010

Texting and Walking

I think we've all been made aware of just how dangerous texting while driving can be.  The statistics are out there and Oprah's done her part to make us all aware.  Our brains are just not wired to focus on that many things at once.  Even if you think YOU can.

But texting and walking

This morning Will and Chuck had to make a run to Ace Hardware for some bolts.  Will's car hood latch bolt had come off  and his hood started flapping up and down while driving on the freeway.  Scary.  So off to get new bolts.

They were walking out of Ace after making their purchase and Will was texting a friend.

Will.  Head down.  Texting.  Approaches black ours.  Gets in.  Continues texting.

Chuck.  Not texting.  Gets in to OUR black SUV...and looks over at Will in someone else's black SUV.

Will still texting.  Chuck staring at him from OUR car.

Will finally looks up.  Looks around the car he is in.  Feels like something is different.  Looks up.  Sees Chuck a few cars over.  Whips his head around.....sees 2 car seats in the back....and FLIES OUT OF THE WRONG PARKED CAR.

Texting and walking.  Don't do it.


  1. THAT is funny!! Poor Will!!


  2. Hahaha..that is awesome :)

  3. I commented on the Pink Can before this one. This one made me laugh more!!! So glad Chuck let him get in the wrong SUV. Poor Will, will never live this one down. Thanks for making me laugh tonight.


  4. ok...that is so funny....something right out of a Seinfeld episode!!!!