Monday, October 4, 2010

Round Top, Round Two

I went back to Round Top this weekend but this time I had some company...
Chuck and Cameron and Francisco. 



Francisco is an exchange student from Mexico, who had been in town with a group of engineering students all week, visiting Texas A & M.  Cameron and other members of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) were their hosts for the week. All the others in his group returned to Mexico on Saturday morning via air, but Francisco was heading back to Mexico on a bus. 

His bus didn't leave Houston until 9:00 pm on Saturday so Cameron was "babysitting" him.
  She wanted to go to Round Top, so her exchange student came along. 
He didn't speak much English and he sure didn't speak Texan
so by the end of the day, he was probably wishing
 he had waited out the day in the bus terminal.

This is an old sauna/spa...with a mannequin's head. 
Screamed for a photo op.

I shop better alone so I didn't do a lot of buying or even looking.
 We spent most of our time walking, eating, looking for a Port-a-Potty,
and trying to communicate with Francisco.

Traffic was pretty much at a standstill for the 12 mile stretch.

If your name is Hector, you're destined to be a collector.

The spider was still there. 

The scenery between Round Top and Warrenton is worth the traffic.

See that line of cars behind us?  More were in front of us.  I am horrible at waiting, sitting, being patient.  And waiting while sitting in a car in traffic is extremely difficult for me. 

And really difficult for the people in the car with me.

Especially when I know there are hundreds of tents full of good stuff ahead and I can't get to them.

Can you imagine what this tree has seen?  If this tree could see.

Port-a-potties.  Let's discuss.  Please somebody come up with a better idea. 

We headed back to the bus station.....dropped our "son for the day" off with a Whataburger and headed home. 

On Sunday, I got the "Halloween" out. 
No kids are home to enjoy it, but they all read this blog. 

 So for my kids...

The big canvas candy corn were found in Warrenton.  I bought 3.

Happy October!


  1. I leave for college and you replace me with some exchange student? I see how it is.

  2. I can not believe you went through ALL that trafic and waiting and then really get to shop!!!! I was thinking I was so jealous when I saw your heading but not so much now. I hate lots of people. Our Springfield show is large enough for me.

  3. The beauty is definitely worth the traffic. That there's God's country-it's about as beautiful as it gets if that's your cuppa tea and it certainly is mine. Gosh, I remember that you told me you wouldn't even shop with me there, that we could only meet for lunch. Yeah, yeah, blood's thicker. Did you look for Nina and Gus?