Monday, November 9, 2009

London...the flight and first 2 days

Friday, October 31, 2009 and Saturday, November 1, 2009

  • A very long but safe flight to London....sitting thigh to thigh with my friend Karen. The seats in airplanes are made for children....or people with a severe eating disorder. So it's a good thing Karen and I are old friends and didn't mind squishing together for 9 hours. I watched "The Proposal" and listened to Carol King's Tapestry and ate and drank everything the stewardesses passed by with....but never slept. I can now tell you that jet-lag feels like a hangover.

Heathrow - London, England

Driver on the right side of the car. And driving in the left lane.
This took some getting used to.

A view from my car window of an old cemetery and fallen leaves.

The Thames River....and some rowers.

  • Being met by a driver who took us to the home of my friend Kathy and husband Andy. We were greeted at the gate!

  • Walking down a few blocks to the Farmer's Market held every Saturday. What a healthy lifestyle.....walking everywhere and buying fresh, organic food.

  • The neighborhood we walked through.

    Pastries for sale in an open marketplace.

    (If I had to see have to see this.)

    Dogs and babies everywhere.

    Prawns, anyone?

    Organic Coconut Macaroons

    Flower stalls along the way.


    Back to Kathy's....POST...much cuter than the central mailbox we walk to everyday.

  • A much needed 2 hour nap before heading back out to eat at a PUB. An adorable, old pub. On our way there, we saw lots of Trick or Treaters....Happy Halloween!

    • Sunday, November 2, 2009

      • Stopping at a coffee shop for breakfast.

      • Attending a beautiful church a gorgeous, old church with contemporary music and a powerful message with a British accent.
      • Harrods and then feeling very somber while standing in front of the memorial to Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. Remembering her and how sad I felt the weeks after she died her untimely and tragic death. Harrods is owned by Dodi's father and there is much controversy still over their death. I am pretty sure the Royals do not shop at Harrods.

      • Visited the Victoria and Albert Museum. We were there too late to see much but we had coffee in a beautiful room of the cafe and visited the gift shop for a souvenir or two.

      • Riding the tube and a bus and a walk back to our home away from home.


      1. Am loving your pictures but I looked away at the rabbit. I mean, is that a visual or what....Are you still "hearing" the English accent???

      2. Amazing, amazing pictures. What a gift to be able to live vicariously through your time there!!