Thursday, November 12, 2009

London...Day 5

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On this day, Karen and I ventured out on our own without Kathy...our personal tour guide. We took the bus then the tube to Buckingham Palace.


I would love to get inside the head of this sculptor....was he thinking "I'm gonna sculpt a just his head...and then I'm gonna plant him nose down on granite....and I'm gonna say that represents....uh...the people..." I am sure this means something...but we saw it from a bus window so I couldn't tell you.

Sunshine is a rarity, so the sun bathing chairs are set out on this unusually sunny day.

Somebody's been busy raking.

Buckingham Palace.

Nobody's getting close.

You should click on this picture just so you can get a real good look at these guys "on the job". It will make you rethink your job. Maybe it's not so bad after all. I wonder if they ever fall asleep standing up?

Pretty gates.

This is across from Buckingham the center of this picture is the London Eye. This was highly recommended but we weren't able to fit it in our schedule. Next time.

Apparently, it's a huge ferris wheel with big glass bubble like cars...that allow you to see all of London with a bird's eye view. Can you spy the lovebirds in this picture?

Waiting for the subway....the tube. It's a little nerve-wracking waiting because once it stops, you only have a few seconds to get on before the door closes. And in those few seconds, people are getting off and many, many are trying to get on. SCARY.

Coming down the escalator to get on another tube....
there is a group of children on a field trip.
I would hate to be responsible for all of those kids
near a subway....or getting them on before the doors shut!

On the bus home, I think I saw Harry Potter.

There are no school buses...the kids just ride the mass transit with everyone else.

We headed home to eat then turned around and got back out for a real treat. Our hostesses purchased tickets to a concert at The Royal Albert see Paul Potts. Do you recall that name? He's the average "Joe" who won Britain's Got Talent with his surprisingly beautiful tenor voice. He actually made Simon Cowell smile and give a compliment with his performance on the show. You probably saw the youtube video going around the net....if not check it out here.

Another full day....and a good night's rest.

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