Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aggie Ring Day

Yesterday was Aggie Ring Day...and Cameron got her ring! This ring represents her hard work and some very stressful days up to this point. We were invited to go with her to pick her ring up and Chuck had the honor of putting it on her right hand. She grinned all night.
Heading in the alumni building to get her ring.

Gig''s official now.

Cameron and her friend, Michael...who also got his ring last night.

A huge Aggie Ring bronze sculpture is now on the site of the alumni building and was the setting for thousands of photo ops last night.

Work hard......and good things happen.
Congratulations Cameron.
P.S. After taking Cameron out to eat, we were invited to attend her Ring Dunking Party. This tradition must have been started by a bunch of boys....the ring is dropped into a pitcher of beer and then the beer is chugged until one gets to the bottom of the the ring.
My daughter stood proudly with 6 guys and 1 other girl...for a total of 8. He who finishes first wins. And then is extremely sick and bloated ....but no one mentions that.
I would like to brag (?) that my daughter came in 3rd. She beat the boys.
She took carpool home and is safely in bed today 3:00 p.m.
I don't even want to know what all happened after we left...shortly after she came in 3rd.
But I was young once...I'm pretty sure I could take a real good guess of some of what happened.

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