Tuesday, November 10, 2009

London....Day 3

Monday, November 2, 2009
On this day, we took a Double-Decker bus and got front row seats on the second level so we could see the streets of London on our way to Portobello Road and Kensington Road. This
area is full of antique shops, boutiques and gorgeous homes. After shopping and lunch at a tavern, we headed to Kensington Palace to tour the grounds.

A view from the bus.

Each shop has their own unique facade.
Apparently a Green Thumb runs this place.

Motorcycle and moped parking.

Putting this on my Christmas list.

A carriage driveway from yesteryears.

Portobello Road.

This adorable shop had great stuff in their windows but unfortunately was closed on Mondays. This saved Chuck money.

Alice's window.

Obviously, this is the area where the movie "Notting Hill" was filmed.

If you haven't seen the movie ....you should.

The movie was cute and had a great soundtrack.

The red telephone booths were everywhere.
Well, except for one evening later in the week, when Karen and I tried to find one to call Kathy at home. Our cell phones didn't work in London and we thought we would make a call from one of these cute red booths....that we saw EVERYWHERE. But that night, we couldn't find one and we walked for blocks looking!

Kensington Palace.

Gate handles.

The park at Kensington Palace....with a full moon in the evening sky.

Most homes have no yards but they make up for it with beautiful parks.
Toddlers pushing baby strollers. People biking, walking, jogging. Others feeding the ducks.
The weather was in the low 50's.

This old man was calling for the squirrels....he feeds them every evening. His words exactly..."They like my nuts."

The Orangery. This building was used to house the orange trees for the Royals in the past, but it has now been turned into a restaurant. We had our afternoon coffee and some scones here. This was to become a daily habit.

Cute orange trees on each table.

An archway in the restaurant.

We stayed out until dark...then headed back for dinner.


  1. Wow! I actually saw blue skys in your pictures!!! Very unusual for England. Beautiful picture, can't wait to see the rest!!!


  2. Beautiful pictures. Were there mushrooms on that road?