Saturday, November 14, 2009

London...Day 6

Thursday, November 5, 2009

On this day, we headed to open antique and vintage market in what was once a train station. The market vendors have their wares out in the middle and are surrounded by cute shops and eateries. It was wonderful and overwhelming at the same time.

Books, old coins, vintage clothing and jewelry, a flea market but way, way better...because it was inside and everything was laid out on tables in rows. So much to see....too little time. I could have stayed until dark. I feel sure I left something there that was supposed to be mine.

Rows and rows of other people's junk. I only looked at small stuff...

knowing it had to fit in my suitcase.

On the way to the ATM....for more pounds. Sites along the way caught my eye. The only time I have seen hydrangeas this lovely is in the floral department of Hobby Lobby. Now I know they really do exist.

I didn't take a picture that showed how large this market was. There were rows and rows of vendors. Too much to see....but I gave it my best

Another area of the market held new items.

Lest you think London is only old and is also very modern and growing.

Seating for 2 on a very small sidewalk.

This is what I will remember about London....cute markets up and down the streets.

The prettiest colors are found in nature first.

Eggs? Eggs.

A market window.
My reflection is in the window....above the jolly old guy's shoulder...on the right.

After our afternoon coffee, Kathy headed home and Karen and I returned to Oxford Circus for one more trip to Liberty's Habberdashery....and just to see the sights one more time.

Storefront windows dressed for Christmas.
What you can't see, is that some of these bears were moving.

Christmas caroling...

Bears up to something...

The lights at night lit up the whole area.

Marmite window display...look at the tree....very creative.

This is the West End Broadway in NYC....the theater district. Karen and I ended up this far down because we were looking for those dang red telephone booths that we had seen everywhere. We were going to stay out later and have dinner but we couldn't find a phone to call our hostess Kathy. Our cell phones didn't work and we were in a pickle. What the heck did we all do before cell phones?

This picture is for Wizard of Oz addict.
This child of mine knows every word to the movie....she's watched it so much.

This map of the world is labeled with the time in each zone.

Jet lag is I know.

In the upper right corner of this subway map, is the area known as Hackney. Chuck Hackney really wanted me to get over there but we couldn't fit it I hope this picture will suffice.

If not, Chuck Hackney will have to take me back to London some day.

Because we could never find a phone and Kathy was expecting us, we headed home. It was really a good thing because we were tired and a delicious dinner was waiting. This sleeping guy was my neighbor on the subway. I couldn't help taking his picture because he was fast asleep and holding on tight to his Red Bull.

Perhaps when you drink it all day, it loses its power to keep you going.

This might have been my favorite day....I loved the Spitalfield Market.
Kathy knows me well....

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