Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Troubled Times

...The sufferings of this present time
are not worthy to be compared
with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
-Romans 8:18
My last post might have been sort of heavy for some of my readers. They say you should never discuss politics, religion or sex. But somehow those subjects tend to come up sooner or later. Most of my friends are conservative Republicans.....they dislike our president. And I voted for him. I like him. I love these people...but we certainly have some differences.
The funny thing is, I will admit I am not politically informed enough to even have an intelligent conversation. I was raised in a Democratic home but am married to a very conservative Republican. I have 3 children....1 is Republican, 1 is a Democrat...1 is a Libertarian...
not in birth order.
No matter who the president is, I think we should all keep him in our prayers.......
and realize he is fighting an uphill battle....
and then there's the congress! Throw them in your prayers, too.
When I came across this scripture quoted on Brin's blog....I had to bring it over here. There have always been troubled times. Always. What goes up must come down. The rainbow follows the storm. We would not recognize "happy" if we did not know "unhappy." Black, white. Yes. No. Liberal. Conservative. The ebb and flow of the tide from forces of the moon and the sun.
Get it?
Our country is in the hands of our elected leaders. But those leaders are human....just like you and me. And no matter who the president is, there will always be troubles. Some within his control, some not.
My daily life has never really seemed affected by who is sitting in the Oval Office. My daily life is more affected by my attitude. And the weather.
I will place my trust in God. He seems to have an effect on my attitude. And he certainly controls the weather.
End of discussion.


  1. Well said... yesterday AND today.


  2. wow. this is single-handedly the most balanced, rational, reasonable political view I've read in a long time. No matter what anyone believes- i agree with you--- we need to ask God for help for all of our leaders.

    on another note- sorry about the MIA. i think of you everytime i see your street. i figured you'd probably be thinking you scared me off! LOL i just bought a dining table and chandelier today so i'll be back in the swing of things soon (assuming i can stay well!).

    i still want to get together SOMETIME. thanks for dropping by!

  3. I agree with you 100%!! Speaking as one of your Republican friends, I do pray for the president because I know how tough his job is. In fact I joined the "Praying for President Obama" on FB. The bible calls us to respect those in authority, and I will. Like you, my faith and trust are in the Lord, the creator of heaven and earth...not a man. The president is not in control of this country,,,God is. p.s. you are so insightful!!! Linda CCCCCCCC