Sunday, August 9, 2009

They're married!

My sister has been busy this summer with a bathroom remodel, having her whole house painted and even some new flooring here and there. I jumped into helping her because the only thing I love better than spending our money, is spending someone else's. And she is a great client. She listens to me and does whatever I say. I love a client like that!

We had fun shopping for new fabric for some pieces she had reupholstered and for accessories....which is my favorite part of design. While out shopping one day, we saw a painted buffet with all the colors of her new direction. We snapped a photo as I said I was sure I could copy it. In my decorator talk, I told her, "Oh, this is the piece that would marry all the colors together......." because that's how I talk when I'm in decorator mode.

Their painted piece for $ tax.

Large, beautiful and only $1399.00 plus tax too much.

My painted version on a chest of drawers from our childhood.
(Mama, are we in trouble for painting on the furniture?)

Customized colors....aqua, cherry red, golden yellow and shades of green.
The checkered part is a pull out tray. And I think every room needs a little checkered something. Ode to Mary Engelbreit.

Free for a great sister.

I have been working on this piece off and on all was all over my kitchen island and floor....along with paint, brushes and the mess that all makes. Even though I now have a craft room, this was way too big to do in there and I was NOT going out to the garage. My house now smells like varnish and the dogs are high.

I have always loved to paint but I don't do much of it anymore. When copying this piece, I had a hard time figuring out what exactly I was painting. I'm not sure if they're bulbs, pomegranates, peaches or onions. And then the red sea urchin kind of things and pine cones? I do better copying something when I have actually seen one in nature. But if you go back and look at the original you will see what I'm talking about....what the heck is some of that stuff?

Whatever they are....they are now customized in the color of my sister's decor. And finally, all her colors are married.

When's the reception?


  1. You are amazingly talented - please don't forget that. It inspired me to paint a tulip on my vintage paper swap envelope. Thanks!

  2. i'm in total awe of your skills. really- you must be nominated for an award somewhere in some outstanding, homey magazine! great work!