Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

We have lived in this home for 10 years and 4 months. Our homeowner's association fees have included back door trash pick-up. What?

Yep. Back door trash pick-up. Our trashcan area is beside our garage and the garbage men wheel these huge garbage cans on dollies up our driveway, dump our garbage into this humongous can and ride their dollies back down the drive. It has always been somewhat entertaining to watch. These men are like little boys on the way down the drive. Much like watching skateboarders.

But then the economy crashed....or is crashing....I don't think it's hit rock bottom yet. Positive Polly that I am. And our HOA cut out this special service. What?

Yep. We have to take our garbage can aaaaaaaallllllllll the way down to the end of the driveway ourselves. Tell me I'm not affected by this depression our country's in.

Garbage days are Monday and Thursday. Always have been. Still are. But guess who cannot remember that?

Yep. Us. Ever. We never had to before. Because when the garbage bag was full in the house, we just took it out beside the garage to the outside can. And little dolly riding elves picked it up on Mondays and Thursdays.

But now? Now it's out there spoiled rotten and we missed garbage day again. It's going to get pretty rank smelling around here by Monday.

Somebody should warn Chuck that I'm going to go all "Kate Gosselin" on him if he misses it on Monday.

Oh, I can do some "Kate Gosselin" ....but we don't do ugly on this blog.

I'm just a little old-fashioned when it comes to garbage.

I think that's the man's job.

(did I just say that?)

Maybe I'm spoiled rotten.


  1. Will, please take to garbage out sunday evening for monday pickup.... Love Daddy

  2. Will, just so you don't get out of this chore on a technicality... Please substitute a "the" for the "to"... Daddy

  3. Obviously, Chuck reads your blog! (Does Will?)

  4. LOL!!! Hey...our guys used to drive up our driveway in they come with the dollies. They are on foot. It is hard times here. I don't think I could function if we had to take it to the curb.

  5. So sad to see you suffer SO, haha!

  6. I agree completely that it is man's work, along with cutting and trimming. I'm almost ashamed to say that. Basically I think men's work is anything I really don't want to do, like getting the oil changed in my car. That's fair, right?

  7. Hey, our garbage is picked up only one day a week, not two, one!!! And single me has to take it to the curb every time... hmmm, do you suppose my ex husband could be persuaded..... nah, not worth it... LOL

  8. It is the man's job.

    And you are spoiled rotten.

    And the economy sucks.

  9. You are spoiled and, excuse me, but it's not as if the limo ride from the street to the garage is a mile the way you make it sound. Get y'all lazy butts up and move your trash cans. Yes, it's a man's job especially if the children (migrant home workers) aren't there to do it. But Chuck's got that covered for a little while longer. The whole fam damnly is funny, even Chuck, kudos Chuck for the "Chuck-le". Catha, I'm impressed that Chuck and the kids read it; I need no editing as mine all say it's TMI about their wife/mom. How could that be?...

  10. as a neighbor of yours i feel i am entitled to weigh in on this topic - HA! i am totally in agreement about everything you've said. i remember when we moved here 2.5 years ago and was told about the pick up being at the back door. it took us a while to adjust to that luxury! so now that we did - it's all gone. it doesn't affect me b/c we like you believe in the caveman way of life (man = hunt which includes any outside responsibility and woman = cave anything inside *with the exception of shopping). luckily i'm married to an ocd person like myself (not clinically though) and he NEVER EVER EVER forgets. but i do feel sorry for him sometimes!