Friday, April 10, 2009

uh......what the HE**?

I went to bed last night.....exhausted........from staying up late the night before, preparing the appetizers and dessert for my Book Club gathering....then having great conversation and a couple of glasses of wine, appetizers and dessert at the gathering. I was in a very deep sleep when I heard Cameron come in sometime around 1 a.m. and say, "Hi.....I'm home." (She was supposed to be driving in today from A&M, not last night)

I said....."ughhh.......hey....what are you doing here...snore.......see you in the morning." Then rolled over and went back into the deepest sleep. (yum.)

So I woke up this morning and felt a little guilty for not getting up and hugging on Cameron last night in the middle of that deep sleep. I went upstairs to give her a big hug. I did. I hugged her.

And smelled her.......oh, I love to smell my children. Especially their hair. Where was I? Oh, then I decided to head downstairs to get the coffee going and let Cameron go back to sleep.

As I was walking past Jordan's room (my craft room), I saw that the door was cracked open. I instantly got a little mad....because the 4 legged family members always find a way in there to Pee. I almost went into nag mode.......nag, who left the door open, nag? But I saw that something was in the bed........I thought Will? Why is Will in that bed?

I go in and .........

Me: "WHAT THE HELL?" (uh, huh......that's what I said.)

Look what the Easter Bunny brought early..........


I didn't see that coming! Apparently the whole family knew (except Will) and kept it a secret from me. She flew in last night and leaves Monday evening. It's going to be a great Easter weekend. Thank you Easter Bunny.


  1. Oh hooray for you. The same thing happened to my friend at work - her son came in from New York to surprise her today - she was on cloud nine!
    Happy Easter, friend.

  2. That is soooooo wonderful! I know you will have the greatest Easter weekend.