Tuesday, April 7, 2009

...nothin' to say.....

She said: Why haven't you updated your blog?

I said: I ain't got nothin' to say.

Well, the reality is, I don't have any pictures. Admit it. We all read People for the pictures and we want pictures on our blogs. Things are always going on around here but I don't have anything to show.

Will got a new car on Saturday. A new pre-owned (who came up with that term? It's the new way to say USED.) Nissan Exterra. We said goodbye to the Mazda that all the kids drove. It was 9 years old and had more miles than we ever thought could be put on a car. So we paid off Cameron's car and replaced it with a car payment for Will.

While Chuck and Will were out car shopping, I went to Roundtop...by myself after Cameron backed out on me. But that was perfectly okay. She deserved to sleep late and I love shopping Roundtop by myself. It sounds so selfish but there are miles and miles of tents and I don't like keeping up with someone or someone trying to keep up with me. (Like Chuck....who would ask...."what are you looking for?") I am in such a zone when I'm there......somewhere between euphoria and panic. I have to drive away at dusk knowing that there was a bajillion things I didn't get to see. But oh, so content.

I went to Barnes & Noble to pick out my Book Club selections on Sunday afternoon. The hostess (me this time) chooses about 3 books that the group then votes on one to read. The unchosen books go on a "summer read" list. I'll let you know after Thursday what book we chose. In the past, I have usually picked books that I have read so that I know they are a good read. But this time, I just picked some random ones. A little scary. I know as I'm reading the next month's selection, I will be wondering if everyone likes it. And if not, I will be feeling some guilt. What the heck is that about?

The kids are wired up in kindergarten. Post-Spring Break, pre-Easter weekend....just imagine. Remember how fun Easter was when you were a kid? Fun. I pass through classrooms all day and it never fails that one of the kids will catch my eye and tell me something. Something very important. Like.......Mrs. Hackney, Did you know it's almost Easter? And the grin on their face is ear to ear. Coming out of their seat grinning.

Today, I was reading with a group of 3 boys.......

Me: (after one of them read a sentence....a very simple, simple sentence) Oh, my......you are getting so good at reading!

Him: (grinning) I know....it's like you're teaching us!

uh, hello?

And from a little girl the other day......as I passed her while she was waiting in line to go to lunch...

Me: Wow, you're getting so tall!

Her: I know....and I've got hand gel! (as she pointed to the small bottle of Purell hanging from her lunch box.)

uh, okay?

That's all I got. I'm going to take some pictures........


  1. LOL I always love your tales from the children. Yes, didn't you take pictures at Round Top? Hello??? Put up a Flickr mosaic like I did. That always satisfies the masses.

  2. Um, I love reading your words just as much as looking at your pictures. I know exactly what you mean about a shopping experience that causes euphoria and a frenzied stress. I have a store called Shinoda that is a huge design center (think Michaels on major sterioids). I almost have a seizure everytime I go there and no matter how early I go, I never ever have enough time to cover it all. But I still leave happy.