Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest book pick....

The Book Club picked The Reader for our next month's read. The novel has gotten very good reviews and now it is a movie. So if we run out of time to read it, maybe we can fast forward through the flick.
One of the books I had picked up as a choice was The Commoner.....historical fiction based on the Imperial family of Japan. The main character is a Princess Diana type....a commoner married into the royals. She is not treated well and the story follows the family through several decades. It also got great reviews....but I'm starting to think that has nothing to do with whether I will like the book. One of my favorite blogs is Mama's Losing It. She had to put this book down as she could just not finish it. That bad. However, I realize others probably enjoyed it. Sometimes I'm just not in the right mood for pages loaded with heavy 3 and 4 syllable words. And I suspect that this is one of those.
Hopefully The Reader will be a good one. Have any of you read it?

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  1. I read it and posted a review under my "On My Nightstand" page on the blog. :)