Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still raining.....

.....but not pouring. The waters are receding.

Still looking at blogs.

My mom called. Chuck filed her taxes for her using Turbo Tax. She owed the government a little bit of money....a 3 digit number ending in an odd number. She said she got a refund yesterday. For one dollar. $1.00. Really? We are guessing Turbo Tax rounds up or down in the opposite way of the US government. I am trying not to think about how many people it took for that $1.00 check to get generated, typed, stuffed, and mailed, flown across the country and pushed across moving belts, sorted, and delivered.

My No Complaining may have to start tomorrow.

Sent Will out to get Chick-fil-A for us....with instructions to turn around if he saw high water. His new car is very tall. And it was Chick-fil-A. Apparently, that is a life or death situation for me and Will.

When he came in he said, "Mama, I just did the most embarrassing thing."

He said he was talking on his cell phone, so when he pulled up to the window to pay, the lady at the window/cashier reached her hand out to him (to take his payment....) but he was not paying total attention so he just took her hand in his. For a few seconds, he was holding her hand! Love it.

Then he came to and realized what he had done. Handed her his debit card and got out of there as fast as he could.

And just in case you haven't smiled today, Jordan sent these photos to me, sent to her by a friend and I must share. I cannot help but smile when I look at these. Click on them to enlarge. You must.

Perhaps they're in Music Class playing a game.

The goat is on the cow, the goat is on the cow.....

hi ho the dairy oh, the goat is on the cow.

The cow does not mind, the cow does not mind...

hi ho the dairy oh, the cow does not mind.

I suspect the game's over when it's the cows' turn to get on the goat.
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


  1. Why do they do that? We need to find out...

  2. So would you say Will is dating this chick from CFA now?

  3. Linda, I do not know WHY they do it....other than to make us smile. I think they play just like we do. J

  4. Catha.....Will couldn't even tell me what the cashier looked like....only that he held her hand for a very long few seconds.

  5. We used to have Pygmy (sp?) goats and they love to climb. My dad put stairs going no where in their pens and they loved them. And stairs going into little houses off the ground for them like tree houses but shelters from rain, etc. but always with stairs. Fortunately, as far as I know, cows are not into climbing. You sound a little scary, punch/blog drunk? making up songs about the goats and cows? I love it; makes me look sane! As in, "Sir, I have a witness here who does much crazier things than me and she's not been committed. A roommate? Sure, she's a great decorator.".

  6. I think they do it to keep their little hooves from getting muddy and the cows are their buddies! Do you think the goats jump from cow to cow? There seems to be an extra cow sans goat, waiting for one to hop aboard! I have to tell you I was crying reading this post, because I was laughing so hard...

    Julie B.