Sunday, April 26, 2009

Money on my ears

If you read my last post, then you know I was in a tee, tiny bit of a foul mood on Friday....
because of some unbendable, nonflexible
rules at my school....and one certain rude person enforcing that rule.
I say that in the nicest way. As I am sure, without a doubt, that this person lives to be known as the most rule following person in the world. No hurricane could make her bend. So surely a low-paying servant such as me could not get her to be flexible even in a moment of a personal crisis. She probably spends countless, sleepless nights thinking about where she will display her gold trophy for carrying out the rules to the inth degree. I could tell her where to put it.
But I'm not still angry.

I'm not still angry because the day ended well for me and especially for Will. And Friday afternoon, as I was driving back from the Medical Center, I remembered something that had happened earlier that morning in Music Class. And I laughed just thinking about it.

I had on some earrings very similar to these.......

Big as quarters, silver, round and shiny.....

The kindergarteners were sitting in a circle on the floor, along with our fabulous Music Teacher, playing a game. There is a "bear" curled up in the middle of the student is tip-toeing around the circle while we all sing. When we get to the word "cave," the walking student stops in front of a sitting student in the circle and the sitting student gets to stand up (while the other takes his place in the circle) and go tap on the bear and wake him up! Then the tapping student sits back in the circle....and we're all still singing. But the bear can't look until we stop singing and then he has to try to figure out who picked him.
Oh...such singing and suspense at the same time.
I am sitting in a chair at the circle's edge. My job is to put people in time out for telling the bear who tapped him. They say things like......"purple shirt" or the actual name of the tapper or point to the tapper or do things with their eyeballs towards the tapper......always a cheater or two in the bunch. They sit out for a turn and get to go back in the game again.
But rarely are they rehabilitated.

At a very quiet moment, when the "bear" is trying to figure out who tapped him...

E asks loudly to me from across the room: Mrs. H, why do you have money on your ears?
The game stops, they all look at me.
And our wonderful Music Teacher allows the moment to take place.
Love her. She gets 5 year olds.
Me: E, these are earrings. But they do look like coins, you're right about that.

Oh, E, you precious baby. You who have the attention span of a gnat. You made my day. I was still thinking about you on Saturday, when I put the money back on my ears. I really didn't want to leave you (and all the kids) at noon when I didn't need to leave until 2:00.
Because I love my job because of moments of sweetness and laughter with the kids.

I have not mentioned any real names here because I want to keep my little low-paying job. I just want a certain someone to............(I'm going to stop here, before I fill in the blank.).


  1. Oh that is just too funny. Cute earrings, though - even if they do look like quarters to a little boy with a short attention span :)

  2. I love moments like that with kids. The little ones I work for are full of them. :)