Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silver Bella 2009

Registration began last night for Silver Bella 2009 here. And I didn't sign up. And I'm very restless about this decision. Very.

I really want to go again because it was such a great retreat.......full of crafting, conversation, laughter and glue guns. My kind of fun.

Last year I made friends there that I would love to see again. We've visited each other on our blogs but it's not the same as sitting at a table with them.

Last year the registration was on June 30 if I remember correctly. This year it was bumped up to April 13. I think that's part of the hesitation. I just wasn't ready to think about it.

Last year was a no-brainer because my idol Mary Engelbreit was the guest speaker. I got to be in the room with her! This year it is the editor of an arts magazine....someone I'm not familiar with.

This year my good friend has invited me to visit her in London....where her husband is working and they have a house. I know my limits. I can't do London AND Silver Bella. But why do I have to choose.......why can't I do London AND Silver Bella? Oh, yeah........money and time off work.

But I really, really want to go to Silver Bella. I'm not sure I can deal with this. What would you do?


  1. I think you should go to London and not feel guilty about SB. You can come craft with Virginia and I one day...and Debe might come, too. We can all meet in Brenham this summer for a shopping day. Lots of things we could do.

  2. silver bella: been there, done that. it happens every year.

    london: never been, when are you going to get the chance again?

    VERY obvious decision if you ask me. and while you're there, stop in hackney and get us a souvenir of where we came from.

  3. She's right - London (although it pains me to say that...) Frankly I would do both - charge it and pay for it later. Life is for living and having the experience - you can go to London in October and the airfare will be cheap... How's that for being (in) decisive!

  4. Well, you know how I feel. I would pick London for sure but I understand you might be feeling like you are missing out. It will be there next year, I'm sure. It's never going to be the same experience it was the first time anyway, right? Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for you to come and to spend more time with you! Hugs, Jen

  5. well, you could go with scarlett o'hara..."I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow."
    who knows, things could change....maybe both will work out for you...

    wishing the best for you!!

  6. London is way better. Trust me, i've been [thanks to you and daddy's money :o)]

    You don't get a choice, you're going there. And while you're there you'll appreciate little shops, cafes, and bookstores more than you ever knew you could. Just pack a lunch though, because the food isn't the best..or anything close.

  7. Oh dear, thats a tough choice. London is beautiful, and it is nice to say that you have been. (Although, just between us, it's not my favorite place in the world. Your daughter is right about the food - ick!) I think if it was me, you would tell me to do both and that I only live once. Finances, shminances, right?

  8. I will miss you dearly! maybe you can make a trip to my nexk of the woods and stay with me! That would be a treat and you would have to bring Lea too! You are both so much fun!! We could pick a day that some great crafting event is taking place and make a weekend of it. I am sure London is a once in a lifetime chance. Don't feel bad, I will take lots of photos for you!!!

  9. I truly enjoyed meeting you last year, but given the chance to go to London...WOW. Plus what if your friends move??? back to somewhere you have already been. I agree with Linda, we can make a fun day here to help make up for it. We can buy you any extra kits and show you what we did!!
    Enjoy the London experience!!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend. I hope you get to go again.

  11. After that confident conversation we had on the phone while I was in Texas I started waivering greatly. Then I saw that ANNA CORBA was going to be there so I went to take a peek. Low and behold THEY WERE SOLD OUT. I'm not real happy about the drastic time change on sign up. This is one of those things I have to think about, talk to certain folks about, and save for and I have a timeline I've worked with the last years. I remember last year we vowed that we'd do it every year until we were tired of it then just tell our husbands we were going and meet in Florida but always get together with the same great group of women. We are from Aggieland-we like tradition, humph. Having said all that, I think you will love London. Remember when we lived in Houston and went to Europe and stayed with Cindy in Switzerland? It was fab. I was not at all interested in the London part, I thought Paris would be da bomb but it turned out that London was my favorite part and I became a Angelophile; I've wanted to live there ever since. Well, not anymore, I want to live in B/CS but I think you're going to be surprised how much you like it. SB is sold out, no going back, enjoy!!!!!

  12. Oh Linda, me too, me too!!!! Can we do it in June, the second half? Please, please?