Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bluebonnets and Oliver

All 3 kids are home. ALL 3 VERY LOUD KIDS. I was expecting 2 of them at home for the Easter weekend and then Jordan flew in to surprise me. It's been fun and LOUD. I know I say that every time.....but it's just that my house has gotten so quiet the last year that the increase in noise is quite noticeable. Even Will gets loud when the girls are home.

On Friday, we drove less than an hour up 290 towards Brenham and took pictures in a field of bluebonnets....the state flower of Texas. There are fields of them everywhere but we chose the one with the red barn. It just said "Texas."

We took lots of pictures of them (3 cameras worth)........

Stretched out in them......

Posed in them....

Lay in them some more....

Ran through them....

Got close to them....

But we didn't pick them. That's against the law.
An update on the cat, Oliver....the cat that Cameron found near her apartment last December and saved. The cat that we have put some money towards saving (shots, de-wormed, neutered, an absess treated and healed, food, litter box and tons of litter, etc.). The cat that is stealing our heart. Oliver is living at our house least until August. Cameron hasn't paid a pet deposit to her apartments and they do "walk throughs" looking for pets. If caught, it's a steep fine plus a pet deposit. He was spending alot of time at Cameron's boyfriend's place...but now that boyfriend is not a boyfriend anymore. So somehow we got talked into keeping him for awhile.

He's inside.

He's outside.

He's inside again.

Oliver figured out the doggy door. I think he may be part dog. He comes to us when we call him. He lets us pick him up. He lets us lay him in our arms like a baby. I have said this before.......I do not like cats. But I may be changing my mind.

Five minutes of some quiet in a field of bluebonnets.


  1. These pictures are so great!!! The one of you is awesome, too. I really love the three kids with their heads together on their backs. you really is NOT against the law to pick them. I promise. Look it up! Happy Easter!

  2. stunning pics!! But I am STILL laughing about the porcupine that came to your room. And the kid that is turnal..


  3. You have a beautiful family Julia!
    Hope you had a blessed Easter!
    Oh and BTW, I love Oliver!
    xo kelli

  4. You know I am a cat girl and I think Oliver is just too cute. The pictures in the bluebonnets are darling. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  5. Beautiful photos!!! I'm just perusing SB friends tonight in anticipation of registering for '09 Will you be there?