Monday, January 19, 2009


Before a little dining room with the round table. I so desperately want this table to work in here........but it is just "off." Maybe it's the hutch that is "off." But it has to stay. As long as Chuck he stained this pine piece to match our furniture.

(In my next life, I will have a house full of pine furniture....but this life is full of the dark stuff.)

After......found a really cute print of desserts...poster size, so a Hobby Lobby poster frame on sale later and I have some new art which takes up a little more of the vast wall space. Move the fake topiary to the corner.....dust and all.....and it's wanting to work.

Close-up of the cute desserts.....

Here's a screen I bought at Hobby Lobby for the dining room. If you click on the photo below you can see how it creates a much needed wall. This house is open to a fault. Sometimes I wonder what's holding up the second floor.

Below are the corbels I found in Omaha, Second Chance. I finally took a picture of them. They fit perfectly on the ledge above our front door. They have a lot of character......and I love architectural pieces. I would like to believe these came off of an old farmhouse somewhere in Nebraska....where a little girl used to twirl around the posts held up by these on her front porch.

I sometimes feel like I have been cursed with liking pretty things. I have all that I need....until......

As I sit here and type this, I am also watching Intervention (which I am addicted to...on A&E, Monday nights....I have to decide at 8:00 if I am going to switch over to Jon & Kate Plus 8....depending on reruns) One girl's pretty things addiction is another girl's heroin addiction. See, Chuck? It could be way worse.


  1. I love the poster of the desserts.
    I LOVE Intervention!
    And I really love Hobby Lobby even though I have only ever been there once. We aren't blessed with them in California and the whole time I was there in Chicago, I had to keep in mind that I had to PACK what I bought. No big fancy screens for me!!

  2. LOVE IT! Now why did I think your house was perfect the way it was just a month ago? We both must have been nuts...oh yeah...we ARE nuts! I heart the topiary there and the poster and the screen and the chair-does the rest of the house look like sh**? Are the round decorations on the animals gone? The posters are supposed to be repros like the old school hanging posters (that's why the dowels and string), why do you want to frame them. If they are a little wrinkledy just use a barely damp cloth and iron out the wrinkles and slap 'em up where you want 'em. Okay, now go find me a shop where I can sell my stuff!!!