Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today in kindergarten....1/20/09

Today, all the classrooms were allowed to watch the inaugaration at the school where I work. We even had the monitors on in kindergarten. I was in a classroom right before Barack took the oath of office. I asked the kids around me if they knew if this was the president of our city, our state or our country.

One kid said.......our city.

One kid argued.....no our VILLAGE.

It's always good to get a checkpoint on where their thinking is.

Then at lunch, I sat down by a little boy who had been moved to a table to sit by himself. This is a consequence of not being able to follow the rules of your table at lunch....after several warnings. I asked the boy to tell me a story about something.

Him: "You know Colby?"

Me: "No."

Him: "You know you go down my street, way, way down my street to the cul-de-sac....where the house is with the blue car....."

Me: "Oh, okay...."

Their world is rotating on the axis of their body. Surely, I should know Colby if he does. You know.......the house with the blue car.

If you haven't talked to a 5 year old lately, you should make a point to do so.

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  1. It totally changes your perspective, doesn't it? I love that age!