Thursday, January 22, 2009

Never clip your nails....

Today, I read a book to one of the classes about friendship.....and how to be a good friend. So a little while later, this is a conversation that took place between me and one of the boys in the class.

K: Mrs. Hackney, when A. couldn't get a sticker off of his book, I helped him. I scraped and scraped and scraped it until it came off.

Me: Wow.....You were being a good friend. That was really nice of you, K. I like you alot.

K: Yep. That's why I never clip my I can scrape things.

A side note: I have probably always had an attention deficit problem....although it's never been diagnosed or treated. I like to think it's what helps me work with kindergarteners. Every minute in kindergarten is different. Conversations aren't finished. Questions aren't answered. And random, VERY random things are said to me minute by minute. So my brain doesn't stay on any one subject for more than a moment.......but then it never did.

I would like to call it quick thinking. QT not ADD.


  1. Um, I can empathize with this. I have a dear friend that I can have these conversations with. He understands my tendancy to "jump around" when I talk.

  2. For 75 yrs, I have thought the "condition" helped in being a mother-wife-employee-friend who could multi-task like crazy. Most of the time I am grateful for the condition. But....what else do I know?

  3. That kid has a sweet purpose and pure heart.