Monday, January 19, 2009

I love me some botanicals.......

Apparently the price of a shuttle from my house to Hobby Airport to pick up Stephanie then on to College Station is 2 very large, very cute botanical prints.......posters really. I received these in the mail from her last week. She had them at her store and I had drooled over them via the internet. But things appear smaller than they really are online apparently.......because these are super sized. I would love to have them framed but I will have to get a second job or start stealing cash out of Chuck's wallet for the next year or two....because as I mentioned, they are LARGE. For now they will hang in my craft room ...thanks Stephanie.

And just one more nod to Stephanie. Here is the sachet she made and I received in the Sachet Swap with some Silver Bellas. Do you see it?

It's the little bunny sharing the plate hanger with an antique plate from my Aunt Jean. Incredibly cute. The bunny, the plate, Stephanie and Aunt Jean. All incredibly cute.

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