Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some random photos......from Silver Bella 08....

I want to post a few more pictures from this past weekend.....feel free to copy them as I am not a you had to be told that. I am thinking I need a new camera after looking at these dark, fuzzy pictures. Chuck says I just need to take my time and let the camera focus. I say let's find a camera that focuses faster than I can push the button...I have to get back to living the moment.

Lisa Kettell

Author of a book coming out in February....Altered Art Circus.

A page from the Santa's Secret Diary taught by Pam Garrison.

Cigar boxes, anyone?

Black & white architecture....surely we can use this in a collage somehow.

A very humble, understated Mary...

The cover of the book we made in Do You ATC What I ATC?
taught by Carolyn Peeler.

Charlotte Lyons teaching the class how to carve a potato....for potato stamping.

Cooking them is another workshop in another town.

Dropping goodies in swap bags...

Heidi Woodruff hosting at her swap table...


There would never be enough time to see all that is inside of here.

Waiting for the buffet line to go down.

This is what you get when you hold the camera over your head

to get a shot of Frank Bielic sitting two seats behind you.

Feel free to show this to your kids and tell them that

Santa is doing a "fly-by" before finalizing his list.

Just cute. I live in a rather young town......brand new, shiny strip centers everywhere thrown up over night. It is refreshing to see something that's been around a long time.

Can you just imagine what this door has seen?


  1. Hey Girl,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you, Karen and Stephanie. The first evening would not have been the same without you guys at our table.
    Your photos are fabulous and I just may have to borrow a few. I have very few photos due to my glitter high.
    Take care, and I plan to visit you often.

  2. I'm so glad I got to hang with you at dinner Julia- you are fabulous! I will visit you often!
    xox natalea

  3. Great pictures, Julia! I agree with you on the statement about Second Chance, I'd never have enough time to see everything in there! Love the camera-behind-you celebrity shot! HA! Heidi

  4. Hi Julia! I found you! Not sure if you remember me but I got to meet you at Silver Bella and saw you around a lot! I had SUCH a wonderful, magical time! I just added you to my bloglines and blog sidebar so I can come by and visit you!


    PS...LOVE the capture to your picture that Santa's doin' a fly by! LOL!

  5. Thanks for the laughs, especially of Frank! FRANK! It was great to meet you at SB. We just gotta stay in touch.