Sunday, November 23, 2008

Can we get a "clean up" on the second floor?

I've been home from Silver Bella (that's a place, right girls?) for 6 days and I just now unpacked the suitcase containing all the craft supplies, finished and unfinished workshop projects, items from all my swaps, purchases and give-aways. It took me hours........HOURS! My craft room had to be cleaned today because Jordan flies in Thursday morning and her bed is in there. I warned her she would be going back to Phoenix with everything covered in glitter. The vacuum cleaner that picks up glitter hasn't been invented yet.

For my readers that didn't go to SB.......first let me extend my condolences to you. Second, I want to say that I will stop blogging about this soon but I need to say just a few more things.

Just oh, my goodness.........all the give-aways and "happies" that were in all the swaps and in the black & white striped bag! I really just got to all of this today. I brought everything back to Texas still wrapped as the hotel room already had enough stuff spilling out everywhere. The first day back, I unwrapped just enough to lay my swaps out and take pictures. So was the day I sat on the bed and held each and everything....every Moo card, every goodie bag, every swap item, every purchase from Second Chance and from the Vendor Faire.

Mid afternoon, Cameron drove in from A&M.....and I had to give her a quick look at everything....she gets it. She's an artist and she just gets it. Then Chuck...the husband...comes in and ask (for the 8th time), "What are you going to do with all of this?" I cannot type what I said or how loud I said it. He doesn't get it.

So thanks Silver Bella for letting me return to my artist roots for the past few months. You get it. I had projects to work on, products to shop for and buy, deadlines to meet, and people to share a wonderful weekend with that know just how I feel. And would never ask me, "What are you going to do with all of this?"


  1. So true. I finally took all my 'stuff' upstairs and I didn't have as much as you! 8 swaps? Aint' it still fun! Enjoyed meeting you and Karen. She is a sweetie and until I read back on your blog, I didn't realize the burden she was carrying. Glitter is a wonderful thing though, brightens the day. Goodness, it is hard to let go, isn't it??

  2. Love it! Great post! I'm still going through my swaps!!!

  3. if you send me back to Arizona with glitter, i'll make sure to leave some cat hair for you in Texas.

  4. I know that was a lot of work but wasn't such a lot of joy to see all of that spead out? I so regret not participating in any swaps, not that I want to do as many as you did, but next year I'm all over that.