Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pulling out the Christmas....kicking up the dust.

I feel so much last night we got out all of the "Christmas"...which I downsized last year. Will let me know that he wasn't happy about it .......again. When I pulled out the 7 foot slim-lined white tinsel tree......he groaned, "'s not the green one."

I explained that after 25 years, I just needed a little change and this was so much easier to put up and take down. He won't understand until his 25 years have passed.

In some ways, I'm flattered that I really did instill some deep traditions for Will. But in other ways, I am just so done with the stress of the holidays and this is one place where I can lighten my load. I stopped sending Christmas cards about 5 years ago as that was another way to de-stress. I really am trying to get this holiday back to its center. That peaceful night with the bright star.

How does it get so out of control? How does a crowd waiting for the doors to open at Walmart get taken over with such a rush and frenzy that they stampede into the place and kill a worker? If that doesn't make you stop and think, "Slow down. It's not about the shopping."
......I don't know what would.

Still, I like a little tWiNkLe in the house and Santas sitting around reminding us of the season of giving.....Emphasis on SeAson.......not just one day. Emphasis on gIvInG.......not getting. And if it can be bought it probably won't be a memory. When I think back on my childhood's the smells, the lights, the feeling......not the toys....that I remember.
Sermon over.

Here's the puny little tree......

Here's one of my new cupcake ornaments that Catha gave me for my birthday. She gave me 5 new ornaments! All "cupcake" themed...

And hanging front and center....the little candy fairy by Mary Engelbreit...of course, I had to talk to her as I was hanging her on the tree and let her know I met her mother.

A little bowl of twinkle on the coffee table...

old door knobs and a piece of copper tubing now joined by some holiday ornaments.

My Santa Collection....set up but likely to be moved somewhere else. I'm still tinkering with this.

The flowers that Jordan sent earlier in the week for the Thanksgiving in full bloom.

It's been a great weekend....with the exception of my Thanksgiving Bug. All 3 kids home, decorations are all up. Ready to begin the season.

Remember to take it slow. Just breathe.


  1. I only know about your life now because of your blog. I miss real talk. I hope to see you sometime in the month of December so we can catch up.

  2. Your children are goreous! Lovely photo! So sorry you were sick on Thanksgiving. Hope that nasty bug is g-o-n-e gone.
    Hugs, Heidi

  3. Blush makes me look like a doll with a skin disease. never again, mama.

  4. I simplified last year too, no cards, only 1 tree, and if felt great. I'm being required to do 2 trees this year by the kids but I think I might continue to boycott cards. I think you just gave me permission! xo Jen

  5. Your house looks great and your kids are gorgeous! Maybe tomorrow I'll decorate. I'm keeping it SO simple this year. I have to keep repeating that so I don't forget. Sons don't like change when it comes to their Christmas trees...I totally understand.