Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Abigail Grace Fink

My friend Sheila's daughter Amy had her baby girl last Friday night. On her due date, November 21. On a Friday night. At the beginning of a holiday week. I think I like this little girl already. She is very organized and knows how to work it so everyone can be there for the grand event of her arrival. This is the baby that we showered with love and lots of pink in October talked about here.

Well, hello Abigail Grace Fink....we've been waiting for you.
(Those are the same blankets my babies were wrapped in....awwww)

My friend Sheila holding her granddaughter Abigail

.....who is calling for me...."Where's JuJu?"

When I had my babies, I was always so busy and sleep deprived and anxious. I loved them but I didn't realize how fast the time was going to go by ....even though I was warned. I can remember wishing the time to go by faster so they would get a little older and sleep a little longer. And looking forward to the days that they would sleep in past 8:00 am so I could sleep in too. Oh, and I loved when they could feed themselves so we could all sit down at the table together. And what a bonus it was for them to finally be potty trained so I could spend my money on things besides diapers and wipes. And then one day, my wish came true. They were all grown up. Time had hurried by while I was busy cooking and folding children's clothes and making bottles.

The problem now is my children would look at me funny if I asked them to let me cradle them and smell their neck. Oh, what I would give to cradle them and smell their neck. So I think that's why old ladies like me are crazy about grandchildren. Anyone's grandchildren will do for now. But I am looking forward to my own. I can hold them and diaper them and bathe them and feed them and smell them.

And then hand them back and go to bed on time.

And sleep in past 8:00 am.

Congratulations Amy and Andy...and all those who love this little girl already. I can't wait to hold Abigail .........and would you be so kind as to let me smell her?


  1. those grandbabies you want won't be coming from me anytime soon... i dare you to ask will to let you cradle him and smell his neck. that reminds me of the book "i'll like you forever, i'll love you for always, forever and always my baby you'll be...".

  2. What a gorgeous girl. I love babies, but at this point I prefer other peoples for the same reasons you look forward to being a grandma. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Julia. xoxo Jen