Friday, November 28, 2008

I felt like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day....dEaD!

On Wednesday evening, Chuck, Cameron and I went to see "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." Great film, incredibly sad ending.

We came home, made some last minute decisions about when to put the turkey in, etc. then I went to bed.

3:00 am I woke up with sharp stomach pains, nausea, a fever of 99.7 (my normal is 97) and the worst headache........and just now, 24 hours later am I starting to feel a little back to normal.

So I spent Thanksgiving Day in bed or in the bathroom (you don't want details, I know).

Chuck and my sister had to pull the meal together while all the young adults stood around and looked good. So I am most thankful this Thanksgiving for Chuck and Catha.

PS... I knew I was really ill when the thought of all that food turned my stomach. That has only happened a time or two in my life. My meal was a glass of gatorade.


  1. Bummer about being sick on Thanksgiving! I remember a holiday or two like that. :)

  2. You'll just have to make up for it today... eat twice as much! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh I am SO sorry you were sick on Thanksgiving!!!! Maybe someone will come by with some turkey soup for you. :-)