Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yep....I changed this blog again...and it won't be the last time. I have got to learn how to do more on this computer. I read so many blogs now and they are all so cute......from the header to the sidelines to the actual posts. I know I could do that if I only had a personal computer geek.....wait! I do have a personal computer geek! His name is Chuck.

But Chuck has way better things to do with his time than help me with this blog....not to mention he's not that into "cute." He did help me with the picture above...and while it will do, it is not exactly what I was going for.

I took the Christmas down today and did a little cleaning and dusting. Good times. I love the way the house looks at Christmas...but I also love the way it looks after it is all gone for the next 11 months. And those 11 months will fly by quickly and it will be time to get it all out again.

I am giving serious thought to my resolutions for 2008. I always come up with some, but never keep them. I think it is just a time to think of things that need to be changed.......and maybe sometime soon, those changes will happen. Even if not on Jan. 1.

Chuck and I bought each other a treadmill for Christmas. (Okay, Chuck's money, my idea) It will be delivered on Saturday, Jan. 5. My goal is to walk 30-45 minutes a day. Surely, I can do that. I just read a quote from some Hollywood babe (can't remember who) that said she would rather have 6 hours of sleep and a one hour workout than 7 hours of sleep. That makes sense. I am going to repeat that to myself until I believe it.

I had a great 2007. Lots of good things happened: Jordan graduated from A&M, Cameron got into the Engineering College at A&M, Will survived jumping out of a car with just a few stitches and a chipped elbow, Chuck's project went smoothly, my job was fun. Hopefully 2008 will bring good things, too.

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