Tuesday, December 25, 2007

for Jordan.....

Dear Jordan,

Although we know you are happy, we still missed you around the house today....our first Christmas without you. It is now 11:00 p.m. and we are ALL still in our PJ's ...a very relaxing Christmas Day. We slept late, opened gifts, ate a big breakfast at noon, played with our new gifts, hung around, watched some new dvd's, ate some more, watch some more tv....and now it is almost time for bed. The good news is we all have on our pj's. Yipee! I love this lazy family. My kind of day.
You are a great gift giver and we all loved our gifts from you. Here are a few pictures of some of us opening them....I am behind the camera so I didn't make it in any of them. Thank goodness....bed head and all. It would have been a scary site.

It is hard to believe I have a daughter old enough to be away on Christmas day, but I can honestly say, that as long as you are happy, I am happy.

Will studying his gift from you....a season of Friends.

Cameron opening her Harry Potter coffee mug. Double score....Harry Potter and Coffee!

Daddy opening your present....the latest Clive Cussler.

Cameron's gift to Daddy... a replica of the "Lady's Leg Lamp" from the Christmas Story. Look at that laugh!

Christmas Eve at our house with the Ivy's.

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  1. thanks for the letter/post. i did have a very merry christmas. it would have been better with y'all, but i made do with what i had - a roommate who loves the holiday and was excited enough for the both of us, a loving cat who sat patiently and watched me open every present, my first real christmas tree, great, thoughtful gifts, and a good time and dinner with new friends. so it was good.

    the pictures are very typically y'all: will with his sly/sweet grin and cameron already decorating herself in the wrapping paper/tinsel. the usual. wish i could be squeezed into that last pic between marky and wilber to make the annual cousin chrismtas picture complete. :)

    love you. and you still don't look 50.